Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Review (Switch)

Super Monkey Ball is an incredibly simple idea. The poor little monkey is trapped in an airtight ball. They can probably breathe, but it’s not specified, and all you have to do is roll them to the goal.But for some reason, it was extended with the original two games Deluxe Compiling took that premise and was able to shape it into one of the best games I’ve ever played. Everything was polished to a sparkling glow. Stage design, visual and audio feedback, and most importantly, the feel of movement in 3D space. Each of those points is what the series has been struggling with since then. It’s close to hitting a beat of greatness, but often it’s hitting an incredibly low low.

Why doesn’t it work so well for such a simple idea to be executed repeatedly? It all comes down to the engine. Ending the game in a straight line is like a tutorial, as everything worked as expected in GameCube. Monkey Ball Meta is abusing the stage — moving the monkey in ways the developers didn’t intend. If you haven’t been there yet, check out some speedruns. What people can do with these games is bananas. This also applies to party games that look like a completely different experience, but whether you’re playing billiards or flying in the Monkey Target, the importance of physics and momentum is still the number one experience. It’s on the front line.

It’s been 19 years since Super Monkey Ball 2, and despite having a bad experience with most people, we’ve finished all the releases from praise for what we loved in the past, but it didn’t look like that in the future. NS. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is here. It aims to bring back everything we loved about the original, but has been recreated in a modern art style that has significantly improved quality of life. The mind is clearly here and everything looks right … and that’s why it hurts to say that it’s not the return to the shape we wanted.

Banana Mania is a good game, and if this is your first time jumping into the series, you’ll probably still have a good time. Unfortunately, it’s recreating what we hold to an incredibly high standard, so it needs to be judged by those criteria.

Our first impression was positive. The game welcomes you with the main theme earworm, and when you dive into story or challenge mode, you are straightened back on the day of GameCube launch. Even the new stages of Monkey Balls 1, 2, and Deluxe have recreated all 300 stages with only minor changes. There are also unlockable level packs if you don’t need to change them. Those that match the original condition. When it comes to content, they’ve been thinking about everything.

The original game had only four playable characters, but the basic list of banana enthusiasts has tripled to twelve. YanYan & Doctor is an obvious inclusion, but Beat from is less obvious. Jet set radio Kazuma Kiryu Yakuza — Moreover, they feel strangely rolling the ball at home. Do you remember Jam & Jet? Of course you aren’t, they made their debut in Super Monkey Ball 3D, and they can’t even play perfectly in their own games, just a few that no one played because they were bad Party game. I would be surprised if anyone loves these characters, but the fact that they are here is great. This really feels like a passionate celebration of Monkey Ball’s 20-year heritage.

This is clearly not a cheap cash-in to get the most out of your assets from Banana Blitz HD, but arguably the best Monkey Ball since you left the GameCube, but everything is back in the engine. The original physics are very accurate, and as soon as you launch Monkey Target in Banana Mania, it becomes clear that something is very wrong.You still use the ball as a set of wings when rolling down the ramp and sliding towards the target, but that’s not just the case felt right.

The movement is no longer an extension of the main game, it’s loose and messy. Worst of all, the game is 100% independent of physics and momentum. If you walk as slowly as possible from the ramp, the game will play the launch animation as if you were running at full speed. It doesn’t go that far, but the animation is part of the problem. Even when running at full speed, jumping from the ramp feels scripted, there are moments when you have little control and it just feels sick. The momentum of satisfaction has disappeared.

If you’re a fan of the series, you know how important monkey targets are. I’m sure many of us played more than the main game, and it’s a shame to say that this version isn’t enough. It’s better than what you’ll find in Banana Blitz and Banana Splitz, but it’s not one of the best multiplayer games ever. It certainly meets the high standards, but it doesn’t matter if it’s fair or not. that Is the standard.

Other party games are a little better and fairer. Monkey bowling can still be a lot of fun in its wacky special lanes. Monkey Twins doesn’t feel very good, but it can be a decent fun. Almost all of them have a small warning. They’re okay, and you should have a good time when playing with friends, but they no longer feel cut out of the same cloth as the main game, which is why they made them so much fun in the first place.

That’s a shame, as the main game actually holds up very well by comparison. The stage design is as cleverly crafted as ever, and the engine isn’t flexible enough to perform all the exorbitant skips possible in the original, but it’s still some fun and chaotic. You can take advantage of them in a way. Treated as a fun chat, banana enthusiasts are a lot of fun and there are many things that are better than the original.

In Super Monkey Ball 2’s story mode, AiAi was the only playable character, even though the rest of the cast appeared in the cutscenes, but now anyone can play whatever they want. When you fall off the stage, it takes a little time to get back to action, but it can take more than twice as long on the original stage. Accessibility features such as slowing down the game, doubling the timer, and displaying arrows that highlight the path to the goal are completely optional, but thanks to the players who need them. doing. This is not a waste of remake. Packed with great ideas for improving the pillars around the Super Monkey Ball. If anything, it’s great to have a game other than Banana Blitz on Switch.

Special thanks for the added camera controls. There was a moment when I was in a tough position because I didn’t have enough space to physically turn it around, but now I can rotate the camera completely 360 degrees freely. The default sensitivity is a bit low, but you can crank it up — in fact, you may find it useful to crank down. Certain paths were a bit too narrow to cross, but I was able to align them perfectly by lowering the camera sensitivity to the bottom. There are more options than ever, all of which make the experience more comfortable.

To be honest, I was excited about the lack of life at first, but it affects the fun of Challenge Mode. The extra floor was a rewarding reward for those who passed through without continuation, but now it’s a spike of unpleasant difficulty for anyone, no matter how much they master the course. In a sense, it deprives the purpose. However, it is not perfect. The game features leaderboards, which completely change the dynamics of competition.

At the time of this review, we Formally The greatest monkey ball player in the world! Suddenly Challenge Mode makes much more sense when trying to complete each stage as quickly as possible and compete fastest with the world. The skill limit should be higher, but I’m confident that it will allow for fierce competition between friends. Online rankings may even be banana enthusiasts at their best, developers really encourage you to break the best possible stage.

There are definitely positive points, but there are still some elements that make the main game feel much less than before. Sound design is important. We really love the new tracks and the original scores are available in Deluxe Edition or DLC (groaning), but the sound effects themselves feel stagnant. The original conveys the friction and speed of rolling at high speeds, but banana enthusiasts sound much more foamy and safer. Worst of all, when you reach a certain speed, the rolling sound stops completely and you lose the sense of high stakes movement.

It also lacks some visual appeal hints-in the original moneyball, the next stage is always displayed above the player, watching the monkey fly towards it as it clears the goal. I was able to do it, but now I am flying into an empty space. Also, the camera will no longer track the monkeys as they dive deeper into the Monkey Target’s ocean.

The elaborate cutscenes of Super Monkey Ball 2 have been rethought with a fairly inexpensive skit with floating cutouts for characters that last only a few seconds. You know, I’m not saying it was a movie masterpiece, but this new interpretation doesn’t feel like anything.

Also, strangely, the main game multiplayer is missing. Sure, it wasn’t simultaneous in the original, but this was one of the modes I’ve played on GameCube for hours, and I wanted to go back in split screen. Instead, it’s completely missing.

It’s a shame when a package that gets so many surrounding elements correctly stumbles on its core pillars. When you move AiAi, it looks, sounds, and feels less than it used to. What’s here is serviceable on its own, but we’ve had a better experience. I still have a lot of things I like. If you enjoyed the post-deluxe Monkey Ball, rest assured that it’s better than any Monkey Ball. But it’s like recreating Donkey Kong Country without the rhythmic flow of chain bounces-probably still fun, but certainly not that good.


Not to mention, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania has been the best in the series for almost 20 years and newcomers should find a lot to love. It wears its heart on its sleeves and obviously the team has a real passion for franchising. It’s packed with content, new ways to play, and has many additions and improvements that didn’t exist in the original.Unfortunately, the engine below it is not everything very Until work. What they have achieved in Unity is not just the same as the original, the main game is still fun, but many of the party games are badly hampered. It cannot be said that the Super Monkey Ball is back until the Monkey Target returns to its original glory.