10 years ago, November 3, 2011, Super Mario 3D Land Debuted on 3DS in Japan.It usually doesn’t hold up or be remembered as a glorious entry in the Mario series — in fact, at the time of writing it. Mysteriously Although not on the list of 50 best 3DS games rated by readers, some of the NL Towers are quite fond of the title’s memories and put the spotlight on highlighting what they did in the series. I feel it’s worth it. That host system.

First of all, be sure to check out the video at the top of our own Jon Cartwright. He shows many good points that I will repeat here. Also, take a look at it to remind you what this fun 3DS game was.

It’s worth noting that, as John mentions, Super Mario 3D Land was a major contributor to the 3DS rescue project. The launch of the system in March 2011 was particularly poor, especially given its status as a successor to the very popular DS. The first sales were overwhelmed as Nintendo took multiple steps to stabilize the ship. In retrospect, Satoru Iwata and other senior managers have made significant wage cuts. The company publicly apologized for the struggle. The 3DS will be significantly reduced just six months after it hits the market, early adopters will be offered 20 free games (10NES and 10GBA) as compensation, and the GBA choice is called the “Ambassador Program”. It was not available except. .. In this current era of Switch’s success, these types of actions certainly feel very distant.

The company has (arguably) successfully rescued the 3DS and reversed its momentum. Although not yet close to recreating the success of the DS, the system eventually enjoyed solid sales for that generation. Of course, there were price cuts, with several major games released in late 2011 and early 2012, resulting in worldwide sales growth.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate It was huge in Japan, but I had to wait for a while in Europe and America. Monster Hunter 3 UltimateFor that particular Capcom franchise, they were a very different era.Globally, the second half of 2011 brought both Mario Kart 7 And Super Mario 3D Land, and the system, went from an expensive portable with no necessities to a more affordable new console and a hot celebration gift.

Image: Nintendo

Of those three games (and only the two Western “Mario” titles), Super Mario 3D Land was arguably the only one that really emphasized the system’s heading feature, 3D without glasses. As the era of 3DS progressed, 2DS models appeared and the use of features in the game became less and less, but Super Mario 3D Land was an early example of Nintendo’s aggressive development of the concept-introducing game. was. It is a game that you should raise the slider.

The combination of unpredictability, creativity, and fascinating 3D effects captivated the writer and helped improve the system alongside the successful sale of the MK7.

The stage actively created “awesome” moments using camera angles and platform tasks designed to take advantage of the visible depth and control the possibilities given to the player. The puzzle room suddenly became more meaningful in 3D, you were deeply depressed and aimed at a distant platform, and the feeling of moving Mario in real space definitely didn’t feel that literally.

As highlighted in the video earlier this year, we certainly blended different Mario elements in a unique way at the time. Adopting the Game Boy Mario title branding, it was full of hybrid 2D / 3D Mario design ideas. There are 3D tricks and challenges on stage, Super Mario Galaxy With that in mind, it still ended up with a flagpole and had a permanent upgrade until it was attacked. The stage selection is New Super Mario Bros. We approach, but we’ve abandoned themed world conventions to enable our development teams to effectively do what they’re happy with.

The combination of unpredictability, creativity, and fascinating 3D effects captivated the writer and helped improve the system alongside the successful sale of the MK7. But when talking about Mario games and the best entries, it’s rarely mentioned. There is no instinct to be listed in Nintendo’s revival plan.

There is no doubt that there are multiple reasons for this. One is that it was very easy. As a result, those seeking a challenge may have felt overwhelmed. Even unlockable extras don’t necessarily burden experienced players. However, the defense against this is that Nintendo was trying to introduce 3D Mario to a probably young or inexperienced 3DS audience. In addition, heavy use of 3D effects may have led to decisions to minimize motion sickness and other reactions to autostereoscopic effects. Then there’s the hardware it was running on — 3DS wasn’t a technical powerhouse, and to produce its 3D effects, the game’s frame rate was run at 30fps.

3D Land was just that era. Some of us went all-in to the 3D effect and maximized it on every occasion, but it was an unused gimmick that was unwelcome to others. It’s a game designed with the effect in mind, so it’s obviously not valued by anyone who hasn’t had the time to enjoy the appeal of stereoscopic vision.

Nevertheless, we gladly claim that it is a game that deserves to be remembered and appreciated. In this scribe’s view, it’s a fun little entry in the series that really shows what you can do with that 3DS screen.That hybrid approach evolves into something great Super Mario 3D World At Wii U — Welcome to the Renaissance with Switch Bowser’s wrath Recently. Perhaps Super Mario 3D Land will never be re-released in line with these policies, with the concept of not fitting into these clearly HD / 4K crazy eras. Nonetheless, it’s a memorable game in itself, and even if it’s not in line with the 3D world, it’s worth sticking out from behind the cape.

Only 10 years have passed, but time is gone. — But that way, Super Mario 3D Land reminds us of a bygone era. An era when Nintendo’s creativity was inextricably linked to hardware features, and when Mario was the most 3D ever.

I still like it 10 years later, but what do you think about using the 3D features of the system in games? Please let us know by voting below.