Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Super Bomberman R Online is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Super Bomberman R Online Inherit the rich history of Bomberman and blow it up (pun intended) into a massive 64-player game. Bombs explode, cubes explode, power is everywhere, and players climb from room to room on a shrinking map, proving that they can be the best bombers!

For players new and old, please keep this important fact in mind: bombs will blow you up, including your own bombs! And you can’t go through the placed bombs. At some point in any Bomberman game, you will find yourself stuck between a difficult place and a deadly explosive device. If this is the first few seconds of the game, then you are likely to die. However, if you find some power-up features, you can choose some methods to save yourself.

Boxing gloves allow you to bomb at will, jump over obstacles, past players, and even wrap it around the edge of the map! The kick upgrade allows you to push the bomb away from you in a straight line. Look for other props that can make the explosion bigger, drop more bombs, move faster and more.

Assuming you do find yourself exploding, don’t worry!One of the new features Super Bomberman R Online It is the heart/life system. You start with three and you will find that powerful people will get extra lives to constantly compete with your competitors. You can even find a friendly Louie, this is Bomberman’s classic friend, he will become your rider, and the bomb prepared for you will explode to give you an extra blow.

Super Bomberman R Online

Super Bomberman R Online All players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S are free-no Xbox Live Gold is required! We like this new feature because it allows friends and family from all over the world to get together and have fun.

If pick up Premium Pack DLC, You can create your own private room to experiment, practice or hold your own tournament, and in the DLC, you will get a lot of novel and interesting characters, such as Alucard, Snake or Pyramid Head! In the silver and golden season passes, there are many different ways to make yourself stand out on the battlefield. Explore customization options and replace your pompoms with coffins or pompoms dressed like rock stars!

So, go check out the game and have fun! See if you have the necessary conditions to become Bomber One!play Super Bomberman R Online Free today!

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Super Bomberman R Online

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Drop bombs and collect power items to explode with SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE! In this explosive survival battle, you can compete with up to 64 players from all over the world! Fight to the end and surpass all other players to become BOMBER ONE! Free online battle royale returns to the classic Bomberman game fun, the original survival battle form can provide extra motivation for 64 players online! Customizable chaotic style, explode with fresh clothing and bomb skins, or try the latest head accessories to customize your appearance! Choose booster items From the indispensable punch gloves to the return of the iconic Louise, quickly select booster items and kick your friends out with sparks!


Konami Digital Entertainment

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This add-on pack contains 14 other characters, which have special types and functions, and have the function of private matches with your friends.Characters included in this bundle: Attack type·Simon Belmont bomber of Castlevania·Pyramid head bomb of Silent Hill·Radon bomber of alloy gear speed·Aluminum bomber bomber of Castlevania·Vick of Gladius · Viper Bomber · Bill of Contra · Bomber · Lance of Contra · Contra Bomber · Metal Gear Solid’s Naked Snake Bomb · Castlevania’s Richter Bomb Unique Type · Silent Hill’s Bubble Head Bomb · Salad Kingdom Princess Tomato Bomb Princess Tomato Bomb Bomb · Mimi Bomb Bomb by Pop’n Music · Nyami Bomb Bomb by Pop’n Music · Robbie Rabbit Bomber in Silent Hill