Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 Review (SNES)

With the five new features of Nintendo Switch Online’s NES and SNES game catalogs arriving today, we decided to check out these new/old versions to help you decide which one to play first. enjoy!

With a name like Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, you might expect a hardcore sports game. but not!This is a product of Culture Brain, a company known for unconventional games, such as Super Ninja Boy There is also the magic of Scheherazade, this unconventional spirit also shines from here.In Japan, the title of the game is Super Super Baseball, So that people have a better understanding of the strangeness.

When you first start, things certainly look normal. It is presented like many other baseball games in the 8/16-bit era, and its angle of view after hitting can be switched to the top view when hitting the ball. There are 3 leagues, 2 of which are made up of unlicensed teams from cities across the United States. However, there is a third Super League where all players have super powers. For example, the swing of a batter will turn the ball into a bomb, and the bomb will explode in the glove no matter who tries to catch the ball. You can use it to attack outfielders to give the batsman more time to hit the base, or to eliminate shadows to make it more difficult to catch. As a pitcher, you can make yourself invisible, or you can create shadow copies, change the speed of the ball by lighting the ball on fire, or turn the ball into iron, or even warp the ball. Outfielders can even use power such as rockets.

The use of these skills depends on the shared pool of Ultra Points, which are allocated at the beginning of each game and cannot be replenished, so unless you set them to Unlimited, you cannot use them carelessly. Each skill is attributed to a specific player, so you cannot choose which one to use. But choosing a team with magical powers (like heroes) and pairing it with some poor guys in Boston, and then watching them use their superpowers to confuse them with them is really stupid.

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 sits in a strange but not too strange position enough.Compared with Konami’s robot Basic war Or SNK also has the futuristic style of the 2020 Super Baseball Game, which has not reached the highest level, because from the appearance, it looks and feels like any other early 16-bit sports games. Vision and sound are strictly average, especially when compared to next-generation products.Moreover, this is certainly not a patch for 16-bit baseball games in other major leagues, such as Ken Griffey Jr. introduces Major League Baseball or World Series Baseball. Nevertheless, its weirdness gives it a unique identity, making it stand out from other technically better games.