When Japanese developer and publisher Sunsoft announced a digital event, many of us were surprised and a little nostalgic. The stream took place yesterday after an earlier announcement that it was a cute NES favorite gimmick. We plan to return later this year. And while the company has largely only teased its future, it has revealed that it will be bringing back another NES action-adventure – what Nintendo Life has called “surrealist” in the past!

This time it’s the first “Euphoria the Saga” in the Hebereke series. The game was originally released in 1991 in Japan on the NES and in Europe the following year. North America had to wait until the day of the Wii eShop before they could get a chance to help Bop Louie find a friend. (Thank you, Sotomatsu!)

The game’s penguin-like star, known in Japan as Hebe (at least in Japan – Bop Louie is a snowman), explores interconnected environments (think Metroid, but cuter) and makes friends. need to be rescued. Once you have them, you can play with their special traversal abilities, such as Freeon-Leon, who can swim and walk on slippery surfaces.

It’s gained a cult following these days, but in 1992, critics were a little more tepid about Metroidvanias. We thought it certainly had its charm when we admired:

Unlike Gimmick!, which releases later this year, Ufouria: The Saga won’t release until 2023, but hopefully it will release sooner rather than later!

You can watch Sunsoft’s full presentation below.

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