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Summer Games Festival: dates, meeting times, viewing methods, everything you need to know

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Summer Game Fest has established itself as a host platform of various types for game displays and activities that can last for several months in the summer. However, this year, Geoff Keighley will host a “kick-off” event, which will include a world premiere and announcements, in addition to many smaller shows, it will also provide a central event for gamers. This is also before E3, in a wonderful public relations battle.

However, like last year, many things will happen in the coming weeks and months, so we will update this guide in time to provide all the details you need.

What is the summer game festival?

Summer Game Fest debuted in 2020, which greatly filled the void of cancelled live events such as E3 and PAX. Its various videos and live streams lasted more than 4 months, although some reveals and events were much smaller than others.

Although Summer Game Fest held a variety of exclusive news in 2020, this year’s main Kickoff Live event is a response to those who want traditional large-scale programs to include presentations, exclusives and other content. So far, this year seems to be more focused on a smaller number of major events, rather than smaller, fragmented displays throughout the summer of 2020.

When is the 2021 Summer Game Festival?

The summer game festival kicked off with its exhibition activities Thursday, June 10, 2021; Unlike other virtual events/expos, it will not end in a few days. It will serve as the center of revealing and gaming activities throughout the summer.

Summer Game Fest: Kickoff Live is expected to be full of major live events revealed from 11 AM Pacific Time / 2 PM Eastern Time / 7 PM UK / 8 PM Central European Time.

Summer game festival meeting time

In addition to the Kick-Off display, Summer Game Fest is a bit shameless because it even lists conferences that are technically E3. In any case, these are all on-site activities confirmed so far.

event date time
Summer Games Festival: Kick-off live broadcast June 10 11 AM Pacific Time / 2 PM Eastern Time / 7 PM UK / 8 PM Central European Time
Koch Prime Time June 11 12 noon Pacific time / 3 pm Eastern time / 8 pm UK / 9 pm Central European time
Ubisoft advances June 12 12 noon Pacific time / 3 pm Eastern time / 8 pm UK / 9 pm Central European time
Runner Digital June 12 1:30 PM Pacific Time / 4:30 PM Eastern Time / 9:30 PM UK / 10:30 PM CEST
Xbox and Bethesda game showcase June 13 10 a.m. Pacific time / 1 p.m. Eastern time / 6 p.m. UK / 7 p.m. Central European time
Steam next superstar June 16 10 am Pacific Time / 1:00 pm Eastern Time / 6 pm UK / 7 pm CEST (continues to June 22, there are demos on Steam, etc.)
Sonic Symphony Orchestra June 23 12 noon Pacific time / 3 pm Eastern time / 8 pm UK / 9 pm Central European time
EA live July 22 To be determined

We will update this guide when it is released to provide more information about meeting times.

Who will participate in the 2021 Summer Games Festival?

Many game publishers are committed to the Summer Game Fest hosting various events. As more content is announced, we will update the list below, but the list of participating publishers is already considerable. In other words, Nintendo currently does not intend to participate in any way.

Game publishers participating in the Summer Game Festival and E3 2021

The following is a list of all publishers that have confirmed to participate in the 2021 Summer Game Festival:

  • 2K
  • Activision
  • Amazon games
  • Annapurna Interactive
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Warring States Game
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Capcom
  • Runner Digital
  • Dotmu
  • Electronic art
  • Epic game
  • Finji
  • border
  • Transmission Publishing
  • Hi-Rez Studio
  • Inner laziness
  • Koch Media
  • Mediated
  • Mi Buddy
  • Game console
  • Theonics
  • Primal Fury
  • Riot Games
  • Saber interaction
  • Sega
  • steam
  • Square Enix
  • Tribeca Festival
  • Tencent Games
  • Warner Bros
  • Ubisoft
  • Wizards of the Coast
  • Xbox
Summer game festival partners© Summer Games Festival

Where can I watch Summer Game Fest: Kickoff Live?

As you would expect, you can watch the event on the live broadcast platform of your choice twitch with YouTube.

We also plan to host a live broadcast with live blog/live chat on Nintendo Life-hope there are some interesting Nintendo Switch showcases!

How to watch the summer game festival

Each publisher may host their events on their respective social media/streaming media platforms, and the general summer game festival channel will also be a good choice twitch with YouTube.

On Nintendo Life, we will host live broadcasts and blogs that we think are likely to get Switch content or just events of interest. Currently, this will include Kickoff Live display, Koch Prime Time, Ubisoft Forward, Sonic Symphony Orchestra and EA Play Live.

Do I need to pay for Summer Game Fest?

No, all activities are free!