Friday, September 17th, 2021

Summer 2021 spotlight: more than 75 new games land on Xbox

Summer Spotlight has entered its seventh year, and we are happy to bring you a large number of new digital games every week in six weeks. Every year since our establishment, we have brought dozens of new Xbox games to fans in the summer. In 2015, we proudly announced that we will launch more than 25 new games, and this year we will release more than 75 games from July 27 to September 6. In addition, the combination of Microsoft rewards and gift cards was very popular last year. We decided to reinstate the purchase of Summer Spotlight movies, including some popular selections from Microsoft movies and TV.

As an added bonus, spend $50 on eligible games and you will earn 5,000 Microsoft Rewards points and A $5 gift card. For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members who will receive a $10 gift card, the deal becomes even better.Here are a few Summer Spotlight games that are currently available or will be launched soon, allowing you to cheer for the exciting game season

Death’s door -This console release exclusively released a large number of key successes IGN rated the game 9/10 And GameSpot claims that the game is “Happy every stepReaping the souls of the dead and ringing the bell may become tedious, but this is honest work for the crow. When the soul you specify is stolen, the work becomes active, and you must be in a state where there is no death. The realm of tracking a desperate thief-the creatures there are far beyond their deadlines and full of greed and power. Explore the world Death’s door, Optimized for the XIS series and unlocked all its secrets.

rise —— rise It is another highly anticipated Xbox game console release, specifically optimized for the XIS series, and released to Xbox Game Pass on the first day. rise It is a single player or cooperative action shooting RPG with Veles as the background, which is a crowded cyberpunk world. Ascent Group arcology is a business-operated metropolis that stretches to the sky and is full of creatures from all over the galaxy. You play as a worker, enslaved by a company that owns you and everyone else in your area. One day, you suddenly fell into a vortex of catastrophic events: Ascent Group closed for unknown reasons, and the survival of your area was threatened. You have to pick up weapons and start new tasks to find out the beginning of it all.

Hades – Another well-received title, recently Game Developer’s Choice Award, Enter Xbox this summer and Day 1 enter the Xbox Game Pass catalog. In this gangster-like dungeon exploration game created by the creators of Bastion, when you invade and rush out of the underworld, challenge the god of death.

Twelve minutes – Has the voice talents of Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy and (typical villain) William Dafoe. Twelve minutes It is an interactive thriller about a person trapped in the loop of time. The romantic night with your wife turned into a nightmare. The detective broke into your home, accused your wife of murder and assaulted you… But you found yourself immediately back to the moment you opened the front door, trapped in a twelve-minute time loop, doomed Relive the same horror again and again, unless you can find a way to use the knowledge of what is about to change the outcome and break the cycle. Twelve minutes Combining the dreamlike tension of “The Shining” with the claustrophobia of “Rear Window” and the fragmented structure of “Souvenir”, it has been on many waiting lists since its launch Debut at the Xbox E3 briefing In 2019.

Forgotten city —— Forgotten city It is a mysterious adventure game of exploration and interpretation. It is a reimagining of the acclaimed mod, which has won the National Writers Association Award and has been downloaded more than 3 million times. Travel through the last 2,000 years and relive the last days of the cursed Roman city. If one commits a crime, everyone will die. Unravel the mystery of the city center by using its deadly time loop, asking locals, exploring and solving puzzles.

Aliens: Firepower Elite – With the iconic alien universe as the background, Aliens: Firepower Elite It is a cooperative third-person survival shooting game that puts your strong Marines fire team into a desperate battle to contain the ever-evolving Xenomorph threat.

This is just a small part of all the great games released this summer. There will be new games every week, so be sure to check the Microsoft Store every Tuesday to discover all the new games you want to play.

We will play the latest summer spotlight games on our Xbox Twitch channel every Wednesday from 11 am to 12:30 pm PST. Listen to the code for a chance to win any game we played that week. And be sure to follow Major Nelson on Twitter to get weekly updates and learn about special gifts, including the chance to win tokens for every summer spotlight game! View the complete list of games on