Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Summary: What critics think of Nintendo Switch OLED

Image: Nintendo

This Friday, Nintendo will unveil its latest gaming system, the Nintendo Switch OLED model. You already know about more obvious tweaks to newer models like gorgeous OLED screens (all the information you might need with these changes is here), but how do you do that? Is it? felt??What is it really like play? And is it worth your money?

We’ve been checking out new OLED models for the past week or so and shared the entire review on our site earlier today. We praised the new screen, improved audio, improved dock, improved kickstand and described it as a worthwhile upgrade to the standard switch, but not many people play the console only in docking mode here. I warned that there is no merit.

Our review covers all aspects of the system, including the overall design, screen, and new dock, so read it before diving (or watch below).

done? good. Now that we’ve seen what we had to say, let’s take a look at what a few other critics have pointed out:

The Verge The new system is described as a “more premium portable experience” within the Switch family of systems.

“The Switch Lite is a clear entry point, a cheap model, a small, rugged construction and explicitly designed for portable play, while the base Switch is decent on the go, but mostly it. A home console that makes the latest models the best in both worlds. For over $ 50, it works like a typical home switch, but with its excellent OLED display and ultimately working kickstand, it’s more premium. It also provides a portable experience. “

Eurogamer OLED is called a “mandatory upgrade” for portable mode fans.

“I don’t know when Nintendo will offer the next generation of Switch consoles, but until then, the new OLED model is the absolute best way to enjoy the machine’s excellent gaming library. Owning a switch If you’re not and are considering buying, you’ll need to get this. If you’re already the owner of the switch and display quality in portable mode is important, this is a must-have upgrade. “

Independent SwitchOLED states that it is “the best console version ever”.

“… If you’re new to Nintendo Switch and haven’t purchased it before, this is the best version of the console. Sure, this may not be the pro model we all expected. But it’s a colorful display. With better build quality and larger storage, it’s easy. New to Nintendo? Buy a Switch OLED console and never look back. “

IGN For those who don’t own the Switch yet, we called it a “simple recommendation,” but for those who do, we called it a “stricter sale.”

“After playing for a week, the bright, vibrant, slightly larger screen of the Nintendo Switch OLED model made me want to wake up docking mode more often. Relax on the couch or get direct sunlight in the garden. It’s a good idea to bathe and play the game on the handheld. The revised kickstand makes it easier to play on flat surfaces and the Ethernet-enabled dock makes downloads faster. Current Switch It’s hard to sell to owners, especially those who keep the sofa docked, and there are enough revisions to make it easy to recommend to those who don’t already own the switch. “

And finally, Ars Technica We called it “Nintendo’s greatest and least important upgrade to date”:

“The more expensive Switch OLED appeals to anyone who wants to feel the same as when the PlayStation Vita was first launched. This new, beautifully tuned Switch screen is what you’ve ever seen in a dedicated gaming handheld. As good as the handsome Vita .. And unlike the smartphone world, no one is plunging into a refresh rate or panel that is bright enough to add HDR to the mix. plug.”

So what do you think? Have you been persuaded to pick it up? Or do you think it’s not worth it, based on the way you want to play? Please let us know in the comments below.

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