Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Summary: There is a review of Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls

Just two days after its launch on Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are undoubtedly under the highest scrutiny of fans around the world, just like any other Pokemon release.

Game reviews, including ourselves, began to flood today, so we went ahead and rounded up citations and review score choices from various outlets. Below’s how well they’re depressed in the media prior to this Friday’s launch.

Before diving, of course, it’s a good idea to check out our own reviews.

Pokemon Diamond Pearl

Now that you’ve read our final verdict, let’s see what the other critics had to say.

We start things Game informer, Who gave the title a score of 8.5:

“Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls don’t move the needle in terms of what the Pokemon game looks like and how to play it forward, but they mark it as being mostly faithful to the original. I really enjoy the time to re-explore Sinnoh, despite my worries that there is no critical path difficulty. “

VGC Select 4/5 score:

“The original DS diamonds and pearls were great at the time. Fifteen years later, this new paint coat makes them just as interesting. The improvements may not be as dramatic as some people wanted. No, but here’s a solid Pokemon adventure, no matter what. “

Gamer Platinum is still the definitive 4th generation game, and I wasn’t a little impressed by the fact that it offers 3.5 / 5.

“… these are very good remakes of diamonds & pearls and are great games in their own right. These are far from the best remakes of the 4th generation. Platinum is almost everything you can think of. In that respect, it’s better than Brilliant Diamonds & Shining Pearls. It’s hard to understand why these games exist other than making them available on the latest consoles. In that case … Porting Platinum only.

Godisagek Got with a strong 9/10 score:

“When it comes to Pokemon, you’re either a fan or not. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond doesn’t change your mind, and when it comes to the series, it’s not meant to reinvent the wheel, but what it does. Reminds you of one of the best adventures in the series, but keeps you up to date with gorgeous visuals, quality updates, and performance you couldn’t find a one-frame drop. “

And finally, GameSpot We described the game as a “comfortable nostalgic journey” and gave it 7/10.

So far, Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls are coarse enough to feel relatively modern with other recent Pokemon games, while retaining enough classic elements to feel like a comfortable nostalgia trip. Smooths the edges. While the renowned franchise pays homage to its heritage and is not easy to modernize in this way, in my experience so far, Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls are in the right balance.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls will be available on November 19th and can be purchased digitally from Switch eShop or physically at retail stores. Would you like to play this Friday? Please let us know in the comments.

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