Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Summary: There is a review of Metroid Dread

The Metroid Dread will finally be in our hands in just two days and will be a pretty incredible return for the franchise.

Game reviews, including ourselves, began to flood today, so we went ahead and rounded up citations and review score selections from various outlets. Below you can see how much the title has gone down in the media before launch and hopefully get a clearer idea of ​​whether it’s right for you.

Before diving, of course, it’s a good idea to check out our own reviews.

Metroid dread

Now that you’ve read our final verdict, let’s see what other critics had to say.

We start things VGC, Who joined us to give the game a perfect score:

“With an almost perfect balance of nods to the past and fresh ideas, Metroid Dread brings cinematic flair, fast-paced action, and amazing stories to side-scrolling classics, which fans have been waiting for. It’s a comeback. “

TheGamer Choose a score of 4.5 / 5 and call it a “significant achievement.”

“Metroid Dread suffers from some minor complaints, but overall, it revives the dormant beloved series, proves its authority in the genre in which it lives, and is expected from the title. It’s a remarkable achievement, such as showing an airtight design. This caliber. Because it’s one of the few rare games to set atmospheric targets, head towards the stratosphere, and launch it through the stratosphere. A remarkable achievement. This is one of the best games of 2021. A treat when Sams returns. “

The VG247 called it a “thrilling experience” and gave the game a 4/5 score.

“Metroid Dread has the potential to provide people who have counted down the days to release exactly what they want. It’s a thrilling experience in line with what they loved about past games. Here I have an original idea, but it’s better to think of it as an evolution. It’s not a breakthrough, it’s a digression of what came before, but the dread has reached the standard of the series, so it’s worth a look. I have.”

Eurogamer people described it as “a stylish and visually luxurious return for 2D Metroid.”

“This is a modern Metroid, a 2D adventure offered in the Triple A Panash, but it retains the elegance and calm that has always been marked as the highlight of this series and has been marked by many impersonators. How lucky we are to have Samus. How wonderful it is to come back and remind us of how special Metroid is. I’m glad that waiting was somehow worth it. say.”

And finally, IGN gave it 9/10:

“Although the latest in the series decades ago, Dread has enough clever innovations to balance its familiarity. Tough puzzles, tough boss battles, evolving exploration options, And the correct answer of Knight and Ori, a globally recognizable combination of complex level designs for modern games like Hollow, has its origins. It’s Metroid. I love these games, but now old and new. The Metroid team, which is a mix of developers, shows that they know the best way. “

Metroid Dread will be available on October 8th with a new glossy Nintendo Switch OLED model. You can buy it digitally from Switch eShop or physically at a retail store. Looking forward to playing the game this Friday? Please let us know in the comments.

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