Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Summary: Reviews are on Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise PC port

Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise Easily one of the best Nintendo Switch exclusives in 2021, Capcom will not delay support for this version soon, but will release Steam’s PC port within a few days.

For those who just want to know what the PC version of the game looks like, here are some critic reviews comparing this version to the Switch version. There are some obvious improvements to the PC release in terms of resolution and performance, but the lack of cross-play support has been criticized.

When Rise was first released on Nintendo Switch in March 2021, we were awarded 9 out of 10 stars. Here is our video review in case you miss it:

So what did critics have to say about the PC version of the game? read…

polygon I’ve summarized the release of the PC as another way to play, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it to existing players.

“Without a cross-save between the switch and the PC, or a visual that improves what the player already has in the handheld system, it’s hard to understand why someone who’s been sunk for hundreds of hours is sunk. Is difficult rise Jump the ship for Steam.

“Monster Hunter Rise Playing on your PC is another way to play great games. Great news for PC players who have never bought the Nintendo ecosystem, but even the most impressive hardware, its graphics aren’t impressive. “

TheGamer This was the “final version” of the game, praising it as “significantly better quality than the Switch version,” but admits that it wasn’t enough to put it side by side with the previous entry. Monster hunter world.. I was also dissatisfied with the exclusion of cross-play support. Its final score was 4 out of 5 stars.

“The new 4K textures add so much detail to monsters, and as the frame rate goes up, every battle feels more fluid and intense. Even if you play the Switch version, Rise on PC is a whole new game. It feels like many ways… If you play a lot of Rise in handheld mode on Switch, you can see things on a PC version you’ve never seen before. “

“On the other hand, if you’re from World, Rise is a kind of mixed bag … you can’t escape the fact that Rise is a Switch game. You can now compare World and Rise side by side. For PC It’s amazing how simple and bland Rise really is. The region is empty with almost flat and non-functional arenas compared to the complex and highly detailed environment of the world. I can see it.” I also think World is a great game, but I like the less demanding nature of Rise on PC. We also agreed to be one of the “best console to PC ports” these days and provided 9 out of 10.

“Monster Hunter Rise, first released on the Nintendo Switch console, doesn’t look as good as Monster Hunter World, but because of the different art directions, the difference between the two games doesn’t get much worse. It’s a less demanding game, but it looks good. But thanks to the amazing RE engine, most PC players can run fine at high frame rates. The game locks with frame rate caps of 30, 60, 90, 120, 144, 240. Supports freed frame rates and reasonably strong frame rates. The system can run fine above 60 FPS. The machine used for testing has an i7-10700 CPU, RTX 3070 GPU, and 16 GB RAM. It is equipped with 4K resolution, stable 120 frames / high to the second with the maximum setting.

“The fact that Monster Hunter Rise works very well isn’t the only one of the best console-to-PC ports I’ve seen these days. This game has a very wide range of support and a variety of things. Features graphic settings. High resolution textures switch to multiple shadow options such as dynamic and device shadows, level of detail settings, antialiasing options, etc. In this game, how each setting affects system performance. It also provides information about what the graphics memory usage and CPU load indicators are. This makes it very easy to fine-tune all settings to achieve the best balance between graphics quality and performance. . “

PC gamer We made a similar comparison to the world and gave 9 out of 10 how the game is currently being played.

“Of course, Rise was originally designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch, and while this PC release is a great port of everything you’d expect, it’s a visual” awesome “element like World did. It’s far from that. For textures, stunning bespoke animations for monsters to fight against each other … but Rise is a better game. “

“… Sure, this may be the origin of the Nintendo Switch game, but it’s visually obvious, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that Monster Hunter Rise is better than ever, so who? Do you care? That is: the best. “

NME I was similarly impressed and labeled it “the definitive edition”, but wondered why people double dip without cross-play support.

“Of course, it plays even without the most attractive displays such as ultra-wide monitors (which are also supported). rise For PC, it’s still better than the Switch version. “

“… If enough competing switches and PC owners are limiting wallets that should be a simple double dip, convince Capcom to find a further cross-save solution. maybe.”

This is just one example of a review of the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom last week revealed how some special screen filters are included.

Do you want to check out the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise on your PC or stick to the release of Nintendo Switch? Please let us know in the comments.