Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Summary: Reviews are for Mario Party Superstars

This week’s big release of Nintendo Mario Party Superstars And that’s a bit of a reversion to past generations. Featuring GameCube and 100 classic mini-games from the Nintendo 64 generation, is it really worth a fork?

A review of this latest release is published with our own review. As always, I’ve rounded up the citation and score combinations from various other outlets to understand what you can expect from the new entries in this long-running series.

If you haven’t done so already, check out our own reviews. wonderful Alex Olney:

So what the other critics had to say:

IGN Gave the game 8/10-also note that the series has been the best for a long time:

“Mario Party Superstars is a fusion of some of the best boards, mini-games, mechanics, and quality of life improvements from the entire series, the result of the best Mario Party having been around for a very long time.”

Game informer He said it was a “worthy celebration” of the series and awarded 8/10.

“Mario Party Superstars is a great way to stroll along the path of fun memories or experience these games for the first time. It’s a worthy celebration of the Mario Party franchise, regardless of your history.”

GameSpot Still like Super Mario Party, And gave one of the lowest scores of 6/10:

“Mario Party Superstars certainly offers the highs possible for the series, but unless you’re limited to playing on Switch Lite or Pro Controller, a better version of this game will love you and yours. Available to people. To play at Super Mario Party. “

Wccftech Say it’s as fun as you might remember and give it 8/10:

“Mario Party Superstars offers a completely revamped selection of boards from the early days of the franchise. It may not be that new or changed, but it looks and feels good. It ’s so wild. ”

And the website of my fellow Nintendo, Nintendo InsiderWins 9/10-Also mentions how Mario and his business partners have held the “best party” so far.

“Mario Party Superstars will go back to the series’ more than 20 years of history, provide a very enjoyable entry and delight long-time fans hungry for a more traditional Mario Party experience. A warm nostalgic trip. Not only did the best party Mario throw for a while. “

Mario Party Superstars is available today on Nintendo Switch and is available in physical and digital form from the Switch eShop. Would you like to check out Mario’s latest party? Please comment below.