Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Streaming Giant Netflix Acquires First Video Game Developer

Image: Night School Studio

Recently, there has been much debate about the expansion of streaming giant Netflix into video games with its popular service, and now it has announced its first developer acquisition.

So what is the company?It’s a night school studio-known for its debut game Oxenfree Also, future releases Oxenfree II: Lost signalOn the way to all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

In its PR, Mike Verdu, Vice President of Game Development at Netflix, said he would like to continue working with developers and hire the best talent to provide members with an “exclusive game.”

“We work with developers around the world to hire the best talent in the industry to provide a great collection of exclusive games designed for all kinds of gamers and all levels of play. Like our shows and movies, all of these games are included as part of our Netflix membership. All have no ads or in-app purchases. Stay tuned. “

Sean Krankel, founder of Night School, described the partnership as a “natural combination” and mentioned how Netflix showed “meticulous attention” to protect the studio’s culture and creative vision.

“Netflix provides movies, television, and now game makers with an unprecedented canvas to create and deliver great entertainment to millions of people. Our quest and variety in story gameplay. Netflix’s track record of supporting great storytellers was a very natural combination. It felt like both teams came. Instinctively to this conclusion.

“… The Netflix team takes great care to protect the studio culture and creative vision.”

Night School’s latest project, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, was previously teased at the Indie World presentation earlier this year and is targeted for a 2022 release. According to the list of SwitcheShop..