Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins-First Preview

If you can see all the chaotic memes (which may be a difficult order), Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins is actually a very promising action / soul-like spin in the Final Fantasy franchise. It is becoming. I remembered this when I played the first demo in June. After playing the second demo on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, I was even more intrigued by the creative combat that combined typical combat. Team Ninja style of fast, smooth reflex-driven action with JRPG job system and other typical FINAL FANTASY metaphors.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin-Second demo screenshot

For those who didn’t have the chance to check out the first limited-time demo, Stranger of Paradise is like a loot-driven action / soul, playing as a guy named Jack. A mission to kill chaos. The battle may initially look very similar to Team Ninja’s other action / soul-like Nioh, but in reality, there are some important differences that make the way the game is played significantly different. there is. First, Stranger of Paradise doesn’t have a stamina meter, so you can swing your weapons and button mash to your heart’s content without worrying about running out of stamina. Whether it’s a good idea is a completely different story.

There is a soul meter instead of a stamina meter. The soul meter wears out when you use hits, blocks, or soul shields. This is a special barrier that ejects the meter very quickly, but when timed it can absorb the enemy’s power and recoil the enemy. Correctly. When the soul meter runs out, it staggers until it’s full, making it completely vulnerable to enemy attacks. This is an important meter for careful management. Enemies can stagger by emptying their meters. This could result in the execution of the enemy. Then there is also an MP meter that manages the use of special skills and a job system that determines what those special skills are.

The interaction of the three mechanisms of soul meter, MP meter, and job system makes the Stranger of Paradise battle sing. Properly timed the Soul Shield to divert the enemy’s attack will build an MP meter. This will allow you to use the special job abilities you need to more easily stagger and run your enemies more often, increasing your maximum MP until the next time. You die Not only that, it’s important to confuse your combat approach depending on the enemy you’re fighting, as certain jobs are better suited to dealing with certain enemies.

The end result is a combat system that requires a lot of know-how to survive. Relying solely on reflexes and skills is not enough to go far. You need to learn how to use your enemy’s weaknesses, Soulshield, and simply avoid or block them, and how to get the most out of your job’s unique abilities.

Relying solely on reflexes and skills won’t go far


Speaking of those jobs, let’s talk about the work system. When you start the game, you’ll have access to a limited number of basic jobs, each with its own weapon type, special movements, and playstyles defined by its own skill tree. The more you play in that job, the higher your level and the more points you spend on that skill tree. Once you’ve gained enough experience at work, you’ll unlock advanced jobs that build the same playstyle, but add your own abilities and more new power while using that job, and statistics. Comes with an entire skill tree to further improve.

The demo I played gave me the opportunity to test some of the advanced jobs that weren’t available in previous demos, such as Red Mage, Monk, and Dragoon. I was a big fan of Red Mage’s work. Red Mage’s job is to trade Black Mage’s powerful spells for the ability to quickly cast spells with the power of chain spells. Dragoon was also my favorite. Its special ability was a jump attack that allowed me to jump out of a bad place, crash due to heavy damage, and quickly return to the attack.

Also, playing with the basic work of a pugilist, with a move set full of ultra-fast attacks that allows Jack to fight with his two fists and become stronger by landing continuously without being hit. Is done. It’s a difficult task to get used to because you need to be very close to the enemy. It also has some very long combo attacks with a very high commitment, as it cannot be evaded and canceled in the middle. they. Still, if you can overcome these challenges, the damage output in this class will be very high. Especially while pressing the correct trigger, and you have the MP to keep it.

The new level itself is quite long, with lots of new challenging enemies emerging and really encouraging hot swap jobs in the middle of the battle to deal with two separate enemies of different strengths. The weakness was that it was closed by the battle of the boss. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to test the newly published multiplayer mode. In this mode, two other friends can control the party members. This should be a fun challenge to make White Mage’s work more attractive. A pick focused on healing magic.

E3 2021 Screen-Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

So far, I’m not very familiar with the story, but I’m very excited to jump back to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins. My only real concern so far is that the amount of loot dropped is so great that it causes a lot of downtime on the menu and constantly adjusts the gear. This is a problem that Nioh fans are familiar with. You can test drive now with the free demos available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Next, we have to wait for the whole game to happen when Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins is released in 2022.