Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin developers discuss changes made based on player feedback-Tokyo Game Show 2021

Stranger of Paradise: The Final Fantasy Origins development team keeps player feedback in mind as they work on improving the game in unexpected ways ahead of next year’s release.

Following the first demo released in the summer, after hearing all speculation from fans about the identity of chaos, the developer (a collaboration between Square Enix and Team Ninja’s mind) went on and his name (Jack Garland, In other words, the new trailer released at the name Tokyo Game Show 2021.

“The main character is Garland. I was thinking a little about how Garland would turn into chaos that day,” producer Tetsuya Nomura said in a special presentation of the game on Saturday night. .. Nomura participated as a narration, with other members of the team and two guest players appearing directly. “But for some reason, I think the trailer messed up the twist.”

One of the producers, Masashi Fujiwara, told the team that the saying Moogle was already out of the bag and included the scene at the end of the TGS trailer.

“Fujiwara also taught me,” Nomura said. “He said,’People outside Japan already understand it, let’s make it clear.'”

Besides ruining Nomura’s twist, the feedback the team received from the first demo led to many changes. After the player complained that the first demo was too dark, the graphics were updated and the lighting was adjusted. The new demo (and probably the last game) will also support rendering in 4K.

Koei Tecmo director Hiroya Usuda said, “We have been focusing on operating at high frame rates even at such high resolutions.”

Despite the positive feedback from the first demo about gameplay and game responsiveness, the team still made adjustments in that area. For example, Lightbringer attacks now consume more MP, but last longer. The MP and break gauge replenishment speed have also been adjusted.

To improve the usefulness of NPC characters at parties, a new feature called resonance has been added. Other characters will use their abilities more aggressively while resonance is enabled. This feature was added to improve the AI ​​performance of party NPCs. Players can now also change the work of other characters in the party.

You can now equip NPCs with new equipment. This is the team’s way to solve the problem of heavy loot drops, and players said they couldn’t use it altogether. The game tutorials have also been tweaked to include new tutorials to help introduce players to the world of the game.

The game is as hard as Team Ninja’s Nioh series, with difficulty rebranded to “Story” and “Action”. In addition, the difficulty of the game does not change based on whether it is played in single mode or multiplayer mode.

Director Daisuke Inoue of Square Enix said that he wanted to increase the difficulty level for those who want to enjoy the story.

The gameplay of the multiplayer part of the game was also introduced in the showcase.

“We received a lot of feedback from people who wanted to play multiplayer or play with friends,” Inoue said. “That was also what we really wanted to include.”

Three members of the panel (playing as Jack, Ash and Neon) have teamed up to work on a new area for the demo, Refrin Wetlands, a new area for the current demo. One of the guest players said that some of the stage soundtrack refrains sounded familiar, and wondered if Inoue should say something else that he immediately agreed to.

In the multiplayer section, we showed a team of three attacking enemies and using the abilities of the selected job class for the character. They beat the enemy all at once, and after some close calls, eventually defeated their boss and ended the trial.

Job classes also work in multiplayer and can be used strategically in some cases. For example, a white mage who charges a spell long enough can extend its range of effect and benefit other members of the party.

The developers said it’s probably easier to play in groups rather than alone, as multiplayer doesn’t increase the difficulty.

The team will also receive feedback from the second demo and apply it to the final game. The current demo will continue to be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S Stores until October 11. A survey that allows players to submit feedback will run until October 18.

A spin-off from FINAL FANTASY, but not a direct sequel to FINAL FANTASY, will be released on March 18, 2022, but pre-orders for Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions are currently live. The title is part of the 35th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY in 2022. For more information, you can also see the first preview after actually experiencing the game.

Jason Coskrey is a Tokyo-based writer. Find him on twitter @JCoskrey