Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Story of Seasons Need to Play Olive Town Pioneer Now? – feature

Story of Seasons: Olive Town’s pioneer was a bit confused at launch. Unlike its predecessor, the Friends of Mineral Town for Switch remake, PoOT is a bit dull and has a very slow sky world, zombie-like NPCs, and crafting systems that save you the time of pushing coal into diamonds yourself. increase. bare hands. Add long loading screens, framerate issues, and buggy sprinkles. It wasn’t the game I recommend to people, whether they’re agricultural fans or not.

However, after 6 months, I am currently using patch 1.0.8 and many of the more malicious issues have been fixed or fixed. Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is available for free for a week on the Nintendo Switch Online service, so you might be asked:Or at least it Better now?

The museum is still sterile and unfortunate
The museum is still sterile and unfortunate

The answer is a cautious and gentle “kind”. There are many problems, such as a very boring and painstaking museum where fish are just shadows in the aquarium, and a woman who “evaluates” the treasures she finds during mining, letting you hand them over one by one. It still exists. one. Similarly, the town is still dull and the villagers seem to have little to say more than just entertainment. Cutscenes are short and end abruptly, even with potential partners. This includes DLC characters.

But let’s focus a little on DLC. This is because, like me, a new character (actually a character popular with fans of old Story of Seasons games) might have wanted to inject a little more. The game needed spices.

For me, it was Rudas (the husband of the Trio of Towns) who tempted me to get the DLC, but sadly PoOT’s view of the beauty of blue hair is the same as any other Olive Town resident. Was not lively and did not blink. Without the character’s portrait, it was difficult to read emotions in his idol animation, but patch 1.0.7 added expressions and what’s called a “chat camera” as features that could be turned on, closing the villagers. The up is displayed. I’m talking again.

As you may know from interacting with real people, emotions and expressions are a big part of socializing and grow to like someone. So even after getting married, it was quite difficult to connect to this cardboard cutout like Rudas. In the previous game.

Rudas’ hometown, Twilight Isle, seems to have changed the color of my own farm, but it’s completely different from Olive Town. You have to take a boat to get there and no one leaves. It’s basically just a venue for future marriage candidates.

The windswept waterfall and terracotta oasis are the same. Each new location has its own fishing grounds, but no new items to forage or interact with, new animals, no areas to explore … in fact, nothing new except the characters, roaming around, festive Even for the sake of visiting Olive Town, I never leave. There is little reason to visit these DLC areas other than finding someone to marry and keeping them away from the boring beings and living on your farm.

DLC also offers costumes that allow the protagonist and marriage candidates to dress up in fun outfits, which is really large, but DLC marriage candidates can’t wear costumes. Given that DLC candidates are the main reason to buy DLC in the first place, it’s quite an oversight.

To get the hero’s costume, you need to go to the atelier and ask him to make it. You need to do this one by one in order to open the menu, select the one you like and let Carina teach you. When you’re ready tomorrow, rinse and repeat. Most of the costumes are cute (and free!), And you can wear them all, regardless of the character’s gender, even if they are labeled “boy” and “girl”.But — and this may be a personal preference — cat and dog costumes Horrible The fact that it’s creepy and you can’t choose which one your partner is wearing (for some reason it’s pre-determined) only makes it worse.

Of course, there are some welcome changes to the recipe, such as the fact that it takes different times to cook, but you still can’t cook more than one dish at a time.You can also dump How to do You can put more ingredients in Maker Machines. This is easily the best change of all, as you can chuck 50 to each machine and forget about it, significantly reducing the time it takes to turn 999 ore into an ingot.

Improved Maker Machines is a welcome change
Improved Maker Machines is a welcome change

But to be honest, these changes should have been made from the beginning. The Story of Seasons: Olive Town’s pioneers may not have been as terrible as Harvest Moon: One World, which appeared around the same time, but still lacked much of the charm and soul of previous Story of Seasons games. I had it. Adding the DLC for the old, beloved character only helps remind us of the fact that this is a pretty overwhelming installment of the otherwise great series.

Like the story of the mystery file, the town also has some additional events
Like the story of the mystery file, the town also has some additional events

But listen. If you’ve already played a lot of Story of Seasons games, you can drop your country version of $ 40 or $ 50 (plus another $ 20 on the DLC) into this game. Try it and go right away. Similarly, if you enjoy playing the free demos, that’s great too. But if you need to recommend a Story of Seasons-style game on Switch, before recommending Olive Town Pioneer, try Friends of Mineral Town, Garden Story, Slime Launcher, Kitaria Fables, and Cozy Gloves. I recommend it.