Monday, May 16th, 2022

Story-driven culinary adventure epic chef is out today!

Hi guys!

Today, Team17 is making the long-awaited release Epic chef With Xbox One! Epic chef Is a story-driven adventure game seasoned with life-simulated farming and crafting elements, blended into one delicious dish through an interactive culinary experience, all accompanied by a cast of humor and elaborate characters. From the humble beginnings, you build farms, grow delicious ingredients, build machines, and cook your way to become the most epic chef in Ambrussia!

Check out the appetizing launch trailers below:

world of Epic chef Full of lively NPCs, birds of prey, bandits, pirates and friends. We happened to come across Zest’s keen observations and a detailed description of the activities of some travel blog, Ambrosia.

Ambrosia-Restaurant Haven

When arriving at Ambrosian, the first thing that really gets noticed is not that the mice run around the harbor (the nearest Ambrosian chant can be quickly picked up for a delicious treat), but many restaurants are adorned. That is. Street; from the front of Bijou’s eateries and restaurants to the decadent grand exhibition. One thing is clear: Ambrosia is a place where the art of cooking is as important as your own relatives.

And I stumbled upon a treat! Two chefs fry a culinary battle in front of them, a judge decides in front of two craftsmen whether they are suitable for cooking, and they chop up their lives to depend on it. Stir and fry. Locals have informed that the chef’s battle is taking place regularly in Ambrussia. The winner, who defeats all other chefs, will be selected as the epic chef with the most magnificent crown. exciting! I look forward to seeing more of these culinary battles while in Ambrosia.

Chef battle

Haunted house on the hill and Zest farm

After accidentally finding some restaurants and chatting with the locals again, they informed me of a new, energetic young chef named Zest, who recently arrived and moved, and I said, “At the edge of the town. A Haunted Mansion “is quoted. Apparently, a trade pioneer, he began repairing and building homes and even turning nearby land into his own farm.

When I arrived at the farm, I couldn’t believe my eyes because I was facing unicorns as well as giant turtles among many vegetables and well-grown produce! My admiration and worship quickly remained momentary as the unicorn ran through the air and was thrown into a machine that could only be described as a modified Minsa. Apparently, such rare creatures are common livestock here in Ambrussia, and all of them are used to pursue the height of the dish, including mud.


Nature’s Bounty

Far from the port of Ambrosia, I spy on a boat full of fishermen and tossed nets and sticks widely to catch the most delicious fish, crustaceans and mollusks. Again, the octopus was immediately placed in the oven and cooked to what is shown below, so all of this was pursuing the same height as when returning to the beach. I’ve heard stories of using freshly cut logs as a base for exotic dishes! You can certainly not claim that the Ambrosian chant is not witty!

Magnificent chef fisherman
Octopus dish

Infinigon’s team went a step further in pursuing culinary mastery. EpiccheThe f features over 100,000 culinary combinations and the 27,000 have unique visuals! Whether you’re fishing, growing, or caring for livestock, you can use whatever you like to create the delicacy of a delicious dish.

We want to see your own restaurant grow and thrive in Ambrosia Epic chef Released on Xbox One today, the first week of release has a special launch discount of 10% for all users and an additional 10% for owners. Overcooked Game, or My time at PortiNS!