Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Steam Deck, a handheld PC like a valve switch, will be pushed back in 2022

Image: Valve

Valve announced that the shipment of its switch-like handheld PC, Steam Deck, will be delayed by two months due to “global supply chain issues.”

In an industry-wide situation where Nintendo recently lowered its switch sales forecast due to a global shortage of semiconductors, Valve explained: Steam Deck reservation page That is, despite taking into account ongoing supply chain issues, the plan is still in turmoil.

You can read the full description below:

We did our best to explain global supply chain issues (that is, we took extra time to explain these risks and worked with multiple component vendors), but manufacturing plans still have an impact. Received. Material shortages and delays meant that the components did not arrive at the manufacturing facility on time. The shortage of parts and logistics challenges meant delays in Steam Deck, so we had to postpone shipping for two months by February. We will continue to improve the reservation date based on the new timeline and keep you informed of the latest information.

This delay means that the first people are waiting for their steam deck to arrive — explained in several quarters ( They are Quarters, as you understand) as “switch killer” — will receive them after February 2022.

Anyone who enjoys Nintendo’s long-held handheld games, the device itself is certainly interesting, and anyone who wants to enjoy a new handheld game during the holiday season will surely be disappointed.

That’s not surprising news given the issues that are currently affecting the production of many electronics. Rival platform owners Microsoft and Sony have struggled to meet the demand for their respective consoles for most of the year, thanks to manufacturing and supply issues exacerbated by the pandemic. Even now, a year later, the PS5 hasn’t really appeared, except for the one with the € 300 markup on the window of a local second-hand game store.

Steam Deck
image: valve

The valve handheld is an attractive suggestion for portable gamers, and there is also a dock for connecting to a TV. Are you familiar with it? The valve itself downplayed the switch comparison by saying it was “chasing” another audience, but when it was first revealed in July, the superficial similarities were impressive. Steam Deck has completely beaten the Switch in terms of specs, but it’s still unclear how comfortable and easy to use in the real world. It certainly looks substantive for portable systems, and we want to see how it is compared.

You’ll have to wait until February at the earliest to see exactly how your Steam deck stacks against Switch. Fortunately, there is another rugged portable for picking up New Year’s slack.