Monday, January 17th, 2022

Stardew Valley Creator unveils next game, Haunted Chocolatier

Eric “Concered Ape” Barone-The creator of the insanely popular farming and lifestyle sim, Stardew Valley -I just opened the lid of his brand new game, Haunted Chocolatier -Officially known as “Concerned Ape’s Haunted Chocolatier”.

After dedicating 10 years of his life to “and counting” in Stardew Valley, Barone decided it was time to release his new game to the world. So what is the chocolate theme? It’s just an idea he had, well, there are a lot of people who like chocolate.

The game goes “beyond normal” with the help of magical ghost chocolates.

“In Stardew Valley, the focus was more humble. Living away from the land, growing food and connecting with the people and nature around us. But in the next game, we want to explore more wonderful possibilities. It’s normal. That’s where the magical ghost ghost chocolate comes in.

“Chocolate represents fun. The haunted castle represents an unknown attraction. Ghosts represent traces of the past. All of this is important, but because of the haunted appearance in this game. Don’t think for a moment. In a haunted castle, it’s an evil game or a negative game. On the contrary, I’m going to make this game positive and uplifting and affirm life, but Star Dew Valley is mostly If you lead the energy of the sun Haunted Chocolatier It guides the energy of the moon. Both are essential. “

Best of all, Concerned Ape wants it to be a “fun” new game. As for what kind of game it is, this is the best attempt in Barone’s description:

“I don’t know where to go because it’s evolving organically as it develops. But at the core of the gameplay loop is collecting materials, making chocolate, running a chocolate shop, and of course, more. Is also a game, but I don’t want to go deep into this early stage, partly because I don’t want to be tied to a particular notion of what a game is. “

It will also allow Barone to unleash some of himself that he couldn’t do within the constraints of Stardew Valley:

“I think this is a good opportunity, but we haven’t reached a good one yet. So far, we’ve mainly worked on the game’meat and potatoes’. But what really brings the game to life? Spices and sauces. I haven’t reached the sauce yet. It’s coming soon. “

The game is going well, but there’s still a lot to do.

“Anyway, this is all talked about at this point. The video I’ve put together may seem like the game is in the advanced stages of development, but there’s still a lot to do. Last I don’t get together until the moment. I tend to work with a “vertical slice” approach, so it’s easy to put together a video that looks like a finished game. However, there is still a lot of content that needs to be created. So please understand that it will take some time for this game to be completed. However, I will do as much work as I can. “

Currently, the only platform Barone is 100% confident about is the PC. But he still has “every intention” to bring it to other major platforms.

so Frequently Asked Questions on the official game website, The author also addressed some other questions. The game is currently single player only and has been in development for over a year now.

It may look and play similar to Stardew, but it’s actually running on a new engine. If you hear any other updates regarding this upcoming title or Switch announcement, we’ll let you know.

What was your first impression of Concerned Ape’s Haunted Chocolatier? Do you like how it looks Please leave your thoughts below.