Image: Disney / Lucasarts

Feel old, everyone — Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leaders are now 20 years ago..

The GameCube-only title was launched in the United States along with the console itself and was like the centerpiece of the visual division. Developer Factor 5, of course, created a great arcade-style X-Wing action game with the N64’s original Rogue squadron, but this sequel takes the visuals to a whole new level and the understatement of Nintendo’s new hardware. Introduced the power.

The first part of the trilogy is already underway at that time, and for Star Wars fans, Classic The original trilogy spacecraft rendered very faithfully on the screen. When I rethink the game lately, I have to say that Factor 5’s graphics work is still incredibly well-held. In fact, it’s been surprisingly successful and I’m anxious for a re-release.

Just upscaling a vintage game to high resolution will give you a crisp image, but often it will display low quality textures, highlighting the limits of the times. The character model and the situation are good, but an environment that shows how much we have progressed in the last 20 years. But the rogue leader still looks amazing.

Nintendo consulted with Factor 5 while creating the GameCube platform, so it’s no wonder the team knew how to use the hardware. However, the reason why visuals are so popular in 2021 is not related to programming skills, but to the nature of the game. The Star Wars universe is filled with flat, angular ships that are (relatively) easily reproducible with polygons. Also, in most cases, having a large old star field as the background simplifies the problem.

The real thing that makes a rogue reader look spectacular is its lighting, even by modern standards. As 3D modelers, photographers, or older actors say, proper lighting makes all the difference. Intelligent lighting scenes can make substandard 3D models look acceptable or good 3D models look incredible.Rogue leader lighting conveys the atmosphere of the original trilogy completely..

Introducing the patented Star Wars audio leaves a stunning package with relatively simple gameplay elements that perform with impressive precision. In fact, developers were able to pack almost the entire two-player version of the game into their second sequel, Rebel Strike. This is a much better giveaway than the follow-up game itself.

It’s the wrong aspect ratio, but this still looks great

Back in the game, we were surprised at how good it still looks — in fact, we’re having a hard time thinking of an old 3D game that looks better than this. In this case, a simple upres could probably work. It was almost re-released on the Wii, but the official HD re-release had Wookiee tear his arm.

Can you imagine a 3D game that will last anywhere near you? 20 years as a whole??

Feel free to let us know about other vintage 3D games that will be uniquely held in 2021. Also, share the love of Rogue Squadron II’s 20th birthday in the comments below.