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Star Wars Games-All Star Wars games on the Nintendo system have been ranked

Release Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker It may have “finished” Star Wars for the past four and a half years, but all it did was bow to the story of the Skywalker clan movie and the story of the nine movies that started. was. It dates back to 1977. After all, Star Wars has never really gone away.

The streaming platform Disney + includes all movies in 4K. In addition, there are the following programs. Mandalorian When Boba Fett’s book And don’t forget the flood of other TV projects underway, new pipeline trilogy, spin-off movies, games and more. LEGO Star Wars: When Skywalker Saga appears on Switch in 2022, galaxies far away will come to you in all media. length Time to come.

This franchise also has a long history in video games. Below, we look back at all Star Wars games on the Nintendo system, ranking them from worst to highest. To keep things tidy, if the same game was released on multiple platforms, I chose to mention the smaller of the two (always the portable version) in the other entry.

So come with us on a journey to the galaxy —Oh you know the rest..We start from the bottom, so the Force No Strong in many of these …

Star Wars: Falcon Flight (GBA)

the publisher: Lucasarts / Developer: THQ

release date: November 21, 2003 (USA)

Anyone who has played Star Wars games on Game Boy deserves your sympathy. There was a lot going on with Nintendo’s portable devices, but the high number of Midi Chlorians wasn’t one of them.

Hawk flight With Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon on the cover, it’s the worst Star Wars game ever. Two of the coolest games in the Star Wars world, tainting their good names. Like all terrible Star Wars games, iconography tricks you into thinking. that bad! But the conclusions of our review summarize this perfectly: “Flight of the Falcon is a very bad game, so don’t play it. The screenshots look cool, but the sound of the premise is promising. The Force isn’t with it, in any shape or shape. Please do not forget. “”

they have, Marbgie, You are more suitable.

Star Wars: Yoda Story (GBC)Star Wars: Yoda Story (GBC)

the publisher: THQ / Developer: Lucasarts

release date: December 1999 (USA) / December 1, 1999 (UK / EU)

Yoda is a beloved character, but it’s important to remember that this game easily appeared in the best scenes before you could see him wielding a lightsaber. Clone attack.. Despite the name Yoda story When Luke Skywalker cuts a snake in two with a lightsaber, he controls you in a top-down adventure.How bad can i be that What? …

Really pretty bad, it turned out. The word “calm down” is too generous and the whole game is a technical embarrassment.It’s fascinating to blame the hardware, but then you see Awakening of the link Let’s see what happened.Link awakening this Is not.. Poodle, plain and simple.

Star Wars: Episode II: Clone Attack (GBA)Star Wars: Episode II: Clone Attack (GBA)

the publisher: THQ / Developer: David A. Palmer Productions

release date: May 2002 (USA)

Befitting, Saga’s weakest movie got one of the weakest Star Wars games ever. Usually, “almost certainly” warns of such a statement, Episode II Really inevitable pants (except for the last Yoda bit-we remember I liked it very much). The Tyin GBA game is a side-scrolling action game that lacks the artistic polish that the dullest examples on this list bring to the table. Indeed, it’s rough, rough and exciting.

Star Wars: New Droid Army (GBA)Star Wars: New Droid Army (GBA)

the publisher: THQ / Developer: Helix

release date: November 2002 (USA)

Isometric platformer between clone attacks and clones Revenge of the Sith, You control an energetic young skywalker in this chunky action game. Given the plate form in which it is placed, the game looks and sounds okay. Beyond that, however, it’s dull, repetitive, and very slow. Anakin, you are breaking our hearts.

Star Wars: Jedi Power Battle (GBA)Star Wars: Jedi Power Battle (GBA)

the publisher: THQ / Developer: HotGen

release date: November 2001 (USA)

With decent animation and audio (especially considering the system) and a boring and grumpy platform, Star Wars: Jedi Power Battle Unfortunately, it falls into the familiar pattern of portable Star Wars games. I don’t hate it as much as some people, and it’s a bit faster than the New Droid Army, but it’s a similar story. Perhaps the developer HotGen was trying to faithfully capture the excitement of. Phantom MenaceTrade dispute, in which case the work is over. Some might say that Mace Windu’s non-Canon blue lightsaber on the cover is unacceptable, but we were too bored to care.

Star Wars: Empire Strikeback (NES)Star Wars: Empire Strikeback (NES)

the publisher: JVC / Developer: Lucasarts game

release date: March 1992 (USA)

A relatively flashy 8-bit platformer that fights Luke in various parts of the movie. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back It cannot be averaged any further. For kids who are anxious to play as a hero rook, it was a decent filler, but nothing more. There is also a Game Boy version, but if you’re gag to play the best saga movies in video game format, it’s much better to use 16-bit “super” iterations.Sure, LucasArts didn’t even care about 8-bit Return of the Jedi — Developers simply jumped over generations and started anew Superstar Wars At SNES.

Star Wars: Episode I: Obi-Wan's Adventure (GBC)Star Wars: Episode I: Obi-Wan's Adventure (GBC)

the publisher: THQ / Developer: HotGen

release date: November 2000 (USA) / December 8, 2000 (UK / EU)

If you find the isometric adventure at GBA hard on your eyes, the other is to quickly check the “Dull” and “Repeat” boxes. Obi-Wan Adventure Bring that style of game back to the console generation with an “adventure” set simultaneously for the episode 1 event. terrible, Just ugly and completely pedestrian.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars-Republic Heroes (DS)Star Wars: The Clone Wars-Republic Heroes (DS)

the publisher: Lucasarts / Developer: Lucasarts Singapore

release date: September 15, 2009 (USA)

It was the same old story about this action platformer, in connection with the movies and TV shows that surround the event between Episode II and Episode III. Unstimulated, unattractive, unstimulating — choose what you like.At least bad games For real It evoked bad feelings other than disappointment. Republic hero It’s painfully average.

I’m trying to dig into the thesaurus because I’ve run out of the word “inconspicuous.” I think there are a few more things to do before we get to the right one.

Star Wars (NES)Star Wars (NES)

the publisher: JVC / Developer: Beam software

release date: November 1991 (USA)

Another platformer. To be fair, it offered some variety and did a decent job of touching the movie’s protagonist and place, but it’s pretty memorable (and relentless). The Token Game Boy version has become more difficult due to the reduced screen space, but perhaps the most interesting of the 8-bit versions is the completely different previous NES game developed by Namco in 1987.Not afraid to deviate significantly, so from “interesting” source material Darth Vader turns into a scorpionSadly, it’s not “interesting” because it’s something good.

Star Wars Trilogy: Force Apprentice (GBA)Star Wars Trilogy: Force Apprentice (GBA)

the publisher: Ubisoft / Developer: Ubisoft

release date: September 2004 (USA)

Ubisoft Side Crawler, Star Wars Trilogy: Force Apprentice I’ve acknowledged Was impressive..I used the same engine as the console port Prince of Persia: Sand of TimeFeaturing smooth animation and 3D style character models. Bland gameplay has been restored again by giving players the opportunity to relive the original trilogy. It’s completely vanilla and completely overwhelming, but it could be worse.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64)Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64)

the publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Lucasarts

release date: November 3, 1996 (USA) / March 1, 1997 (UK / EU)

Oh yes Shadow of the empire.. There is a great nostalgia for this, and there is a moment. Specifically, it’s Hoss’s opening battle, which is more head-on than anything else the game offers, but it definitely benefits from the fact that very few games are available. N64 for several months after its release. Players who got it tended to pay for their arms and legs, perhaps giving them more chances than they deserved. This isn’t the worst game on this list that makes a lot of difference, but it’s probably best to leave it in memory bank. The time wasn’t kind to the old Dash Rendar.

Still, you’re breaking the box art.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike (GCN)Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike (GCN)

the publisher: Lucasarts / Developer: Factor 5

release date: October 15, 2003 (USA) / November 7, 2003 (UK / EU)

The best part of this game is the other games it features.The disc contains almost the whole thing Rogue leader You can now play in split-screen 2-player mode.The original Atari is also a feature Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back When Return of the Jedi arcade game. If you look at it cheaply, these alone are worth getting this game.

Rebel strike As such, but? Oh dear.You are think The walking section may be safe, and you play them, no, they just find it terrible. Just remove the marquee game from the disc and this is actually a great Star Wars package.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (GCN)Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (GCN)

the publisher: Lucasarts / Developer: Lucasarts

release date: December 7, 2002 (USA) / February 7, 2003 (UK / EU)

This dull third-person shooter acted as the first part of the Attack of the Clones (well, it’s kind) Had to do Think of a way — spoiler! — Jango lost an important body part in the movie), and despite being safe to look at and sounding (and having an evil cover), the skills needed to make it memorable There was no typical chop. Unfortunately, this kind of game may be played in the future. Star Wars 1313 It may have been canceled, but the Mandalorian very hot just now.