Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Star Ocean: God’s Power Announced for PCs and Consoles Next Year-State of Play October 2021

With an amazing announcement at today’s State of Play, Tri-Ace and Square Enix unveiled a big space gun at the announcement of Star Ocean: Divine Force, the next entry in the Star Ocean series.

Divine Force seems to follow in the footsteps of Integrity and Faithlessness as an action RPG, with two other party members appearing to be two heroes, a blonde man and a white-haired woman.The trailer was less informative, but for more information PlayStation blog post It revealed our heroes as Raymond and Leticia, Space Captain and Crown Prince. They gather together to save the Kingdom of Leticia and find Raymond’s crew Chloe.

Returning to the series is the “Double Hero” system, where players are in both Raymond and Leticia positions, with different story elements from their respective perspectives, each of which influences the story’s development.

Star Ocean: God’s Power Reveals Trailer Screenshots

Watching battles and expeditions in both the natural environment and huge cities, I saw the main cast driving around their cool big spaceship. According to the PlayStation blog, The Divine Force boasts “one of the largest fields in the history of the series” that allows players to move three-dimensionally on air travel.

The Divine Force details will be available soon, as they are currently scheduled to be released via Steam in 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. I especially enjoy Star Ocean games historically. Until the end of time and the last hope, but the latest entry, Integrity and Faithlessness in 2016, turned out to be just a serviceable RPG with uneven production value and poor AI.

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