Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Star Citizen has raised a stunning $ 400 million since 2012

Developer Cloud Imperium Games has raised a stunning $ 400 million for Star Citizen, a space trading and combat sim. This game has been in development for most of the decade.

according to Star Citizen’s official websiteThe game is currently generating over $ 400 million from the money raised by fans. Despite the generosity of the community, Cloud Imperium Games hasn’t released the full version of the game yet, even though the cloud funding campaign started in 2012-as you know, Bethesda has released Dishonored. And Ubisoft made a wave in Far Cry 3.

It can be argued that the long delay in Star Citizen’s development is partly due to a long list of community-led stretch goals, but the game has exceeded $ 63,000,000, marking the developer’s last date. The funding target set was achieved in 2014.

Last year, Star Citizen creator Christopher Roberts explained to fans that the features promised in the game a few years ago were “not dreamy,” and to implement them in the game for another “10-20 years.” I explained that it wouldn’t take. Since then, developers have been working harder to update their fans about the latest changes they’re making to the game-CIG’s last update post took place on November 17th. Some notes detailing the latest build of the alpha version of the game..

Star Citizen-Star Marine FPS Mode Image

Despite the update, fan dissatisfaction with the game peaked earlier this year as a Reddit user reported the company to the UK Advertising Standards Office about the lack of transparency regarding the sale of the game’s “conceptship.” Advice from ASA explaining that the studio should be more transparent, following a complaint that the studio misleads the customer without explicitly indicating that the concept ship for sale is not really available in the game. Notification was issued in the future.

For more information on CIG’s space trading and combat simulation, check out Star Citizen’s official IGN page. Here you can find the latest news, clips and range of features for the game.

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