Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Square Enix Showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2021: Biggest Announcement and Announcement

Veteran voice actor Hiroki Yasumoto has begun a presentation at Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show, reiterating that there won’t be any new news about FINAL FANTASY XVI, but in many other trailers and in just two weeks. We also showed off the new RPG that will be released.

Includes all the big news from the showcase to make sure you don’t miss anything (see below):

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins Get Release Date and Demo

A new demo of the FINAL FANTASY spin-off being developed by Team Ninja is out today. The demo is based on feedback from a trial released earlier this year, with a new stage and giving players the opportunity to try out the multiplayer elements of the game.

There was also a new action-packed trailer announcing the release date of March 18, 2022. The trailer showed off more elements of the story, new characters and some flashy battle scenes. It ended with a chaos scene and a narration saying “My name is Jack Garland” – there is a clear relationship between the two, given that the main character is Jack and the adversary is FF1’s Garland. I have.

New RPG Dungeon Encounter Revealed

Hiroyuki Ito, who oversees FINAL FANTASY VI, IX, and XII and is behind the Active Time Battle system, reveals his latest game, the Dungeon Exploration RPG, called Dungeon Encounters. bottom. .. “It’s been a while since I was directly involved in the development, so for a while I was trying to remember how I developed it,” Ito said in a presentation.

The trailer indicates that the character is walking on the grid and unlocks ability points to reach a particular section. The bar at the top left of the screen shows which floor the player is on, the position of the player, and the number of steps. Players sometimes have to fight monsters, and trailers also suggest that there are plenty of characters to choose from.

You don’t have to wait long to play this unique title. Released on October 14th, there is already a hands-on preview.

New story trailer for triangle strategy

Square Enix’s upcoming tactical RPG has got a new trailer that shows off many of the game’s characters and backstory. Each character is introduced in a brief gameplay scene, followed by a backstory of the game and a description of the factions that will soon be fighting.

The game features a twisted plot that affects how the decisions you make affect how you play the rest of the game. The title, released March 4, 2022, is a game that follows the tide of FINAL FANTASY TACTICS and looks graphically like Octopath Traveler.

Lots of trailers for other upcoming games

In addition to the trailers we’ve already seen on Forspoken, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Life Is Strange, FINAL FANTASY VII: First Soldier, the company’s mobile battle royale title, and the Cart Racing spin-off Chocobo GP are new. ..

There was also a trailer for Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, an RPG unique to Yoko Taro that is completely played as a card game. The game arrived on October 28th and is currently available for demo.

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