Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Spike Chunsoft has a mysterious new ARG website… Could this be about zero escape?

Keep calm-but Spike Chunsoft, the creator of the brilliant Zero Escape series, the excellent Danganronpa series, and many other visual novels and narrative adventures, is making fun of something new.

The website has nine eyes, each with a puzzle. Clicking on each puzzle will allow you to enter the answer in the form of letters or a few letters, and will eventually provide you with a password to enter at the bottom of the page.

No matter what it is, it may be exciting… but fans have found clues about what it may be.


“Popular Theory” Read tweets from “batts” whose handle is @somniumfiles“Is it a sequel to AI:TSF? The mysterious puzzle-style announcement is very important to Uchikoshi, and assistant director Akira Okada has posted a tweet about it!” AI:TSF is AI: The Somnium Files, this It is a game about detective work, produced by the directors of two zero-escape games, in which the eyes are highlighted.

Others have different theories, such as The icon of the mobile site is Clover From 999: Nine hours, nine people, nine doors, and nine eyes. These types of puzzles are very similar to those in the zero escape game.

On Reddit, fans speculate that this means Both Game, two into one, Yuiyue at the helm. Calm down, our beating hearts.

Once you have solved the puzzle and figured out the code, you can put it in the bottom box and get a skull with some numbers in the eyes. At the time of writing, the numbers start at 2300:12 and will reset when the page is refreshed. However, 2300 minutes is about 38 hours later-will we see the new Spike Chunsoft announcement within a week?

and also This SC video, This doesn’t tell us much, except that SKULLS is important in some way. Wait-skull, you say? Didn’t the protagonist of the last reward of virtue have a skull…?

We hope to come back soon to provide more information about this game.

Give us your smartest theory and tin foil hat conspiracy in the comments below!