Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Spider-Man Showdown-Winner Revealed

Last week, to celebrate the theatrical release of Spider-Man: Noway Home, we asked you to help us decide which version of Spider-Man is the most amazing and spectacular of all of them. The ultimate Spider-Man was chosen after thousands of 1v1 web sling battles with matchups like Tom Holland’s Peter Parker vs Miles Morales’ Into the Spider-Verse and Gwen Stacy vs Spider-Ham. ..

So who won the top spot in the greatest Spider-Man battle ever? Roll roll …

With a win rate of 91.3%, Peter Parker of Sam Raimi’s film Tobey Maguire claims to have defeated all other Spider-Man in 19,557 out of 21,426 battles. Magwire’s Spider-Man is incredibly global as the three films earn more than $ 2.5 billion worldwide and have captured the hearts of both cartoon lovers and those who have never addressed the issue. It had a reach.

Many expected Tom Holland or Andrew Garfield to be second, but Insomniac Games’ Marvel Spider-Man Peter Parker for PS4 / PS5 won 89.6% of the fight and honored it. I fought to win. We call Marvel’s Spider-Man one of our favorite PlayStation exclusives, and in 2019 the community abolished Batman: Arkham City as the best-selling superhero video game in the United States and put on Magwire’s Spider-Man suit. In the game we agreed that we could also, it was certainly added to its star power.

Spider-Man: Noway Home star Holland came in third with a win rate of 88.9%, helping to win the top five, including Into the Spider-Verse Peter B. Parker and Miles Morales. , In this order.

Andrew Garfield fans have asked the Amazing Spider-Man movie star to return to a few more movies, but he put # 7 right behind the Ultimate Spider-Man comic Peter Parker. You will be pleased to know that. Closing the top ten are Peter Parker from the comic Earth-616, Peter Parker from the 1990s cartoons, and Miles Morales from Insomniac’s PS4 and PS5 games.

Insomniac’s Spider-Men won two of the top ten in this showdown. This is probably a great sign for Insomniac, the studio currently working on Spider-Man 2. poison.

Finally, with a win rate of only 12.9%, it was Patton Parnell of the Edge of Spider-Verse # 4 in 2014. He was one of the more terrifying takes against Spider-Man, and his short run may have led him to the bottom.

At the end of the face-off are Pseter Psarker, Anansi, Nurotox, Web-Slinger, Longlegs Secundus, Max Borne, Spider-Byte, Spider-Girl / Penelope Parker, and Spider-X. Many of these are not the traditional heroic Spider-Man that the world has come to know and love. Unfortunately, these had little chance of being against other variations of Spider-Man in everyone’s friendly neighborhood.

Are you wondering where your favorite Spider-Man landed, like the comics and Spider-Man Noir to Spider-Man? (They spotted # 18 and # 18, respectively!) For all rankings, you can check out the complete list of places where all 96 Spider-Man variations that participated in this face-off ended.

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