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Speeding Tips (Guide to Dash Dad)-Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide

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Video: Tips for quickly defeating the evil villages of residents

The first and most obvious tip is: skip all possible scenarios, even if they are not all skippable. No matter how long the game lasts, “Resident Evil Village” will still be timed in the game cutscenes. You will eventually remember which are and which are not, but a good practice is to smash a button and look for the prompt in the lower right corner to tell you that you can skip it. You will always pause and unpause the game to see if the current cutscenes can be skipped, thereby reducing your speed. If the cutscenes are skippable, but you are not allowed to do so at the moment, our strategy is to smash the X or A button at the beginning of the click, so that the moment the menu appears, you will quickly skip it.

After playing the game for the first time, please use CP to unlock the Dragoon Rifle, and then get unlimited ammo for the Dragoon. Unlike other weapons, it does not require any upgrades to unlock its unlimited ammunition cheats, and it is very cheap to buy from Duke University.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the ammunition picker. It also allows you to break crates faster because you don’t need to fight them, and of course, it can melt the enemy’s face-even in the difficulty of Shadow Village, most enemies will only fall in a few cannonballs. As an added bonus, you will temporarily swap roles in the finale, and the role has a dragoon, ensuring that no matter who you play, the ammunition will not stop appearing.

Also, don’t worry, you won’t be punished for using cheating software in “Resident Evil Village”-you can still get trophies and achievements. You won these cheats, so please use them!

Dragoons are awesome now, but the real face-melting machine is a fully upgraded STAKE, but its price is very expensive, at 2.1 million lei. You must purchase two accessories and unlock each upgrade in Smithy to purchase its unlimited ammo cheating feature. However, if you just want to grow the game over and over again, and feel that you don’t need a fully upgraded STAKE, please collect 2.1 million lei and save the file. Then spend all the coins to completely upgrade your gun, and then re-save it in other slots. Enter the bonus and buy unlimited ammo to cheat, then use all the money to re-deposit your first savings. You won’t make the most of STAKE, but if you at least fully upgrade its features and pair it with unlimited ammunition cheats, then you will be ready for future drills.


In your first game, trying to solve every puzzle of “Resident Evil” is very useful. Once you understand how most games work, you will find it easy to browse certain parts of the game (such as House Beneviento).

Learn puzzles by memorizing or write them down and keep it convenient. You can also keep the following puzzles at hand (don’t worry about pausing the game while learning them!):

In addition-when facing swinging torches, don’t try to push them away, just shoot from your unlimited ammo weapons and you can quickly slam them into the brazier!

You can also remember two password locks. The first person in the village to drive towards the house with a red chimney saves you from having to look out the is 070408.

Remembering the second one in Donna’s doll house means you don’t have to remove the ring from Mia’s doll or wash it off, which can save a lot of is 052911.

The Moreau part has two simple tricks at the first windmill. The first is a broken crank: you don’t actually need to bend it to make it break, it’s just an extra scene. Just skip it, and when you put it back in place with the working crank, the broken crank will disappear.

Secondly, the large crumbling wooden towers that need to be shot down at two specific locations usually make you stray off the beaten track to get a favorable position. In fact, you can either sn off it from the windmill or swoop down under the windmill. Come down. You must destroy the second part, and you can vaguely see the other part. Either way, it can save some time.

Another jump in Donna’s dollhouse is quickly over the super slow big baby. The first chase didn’t really skip: just waited for it to enter the room where the Mia doll was and ran over. Don’t go around the house and use crawl space here, because babies will appear in the hallway and block your way.

Second, chase, but with some quick tricks. First of all, don’t hide in the closet of a room with a bed. Instead, hide under the bed – so that once the baby passes by you, you can run out of it. Or, it may take some practice to stand at the door of the kitchen, wait for the baby to rush at you, then make a weird 90-degree turn, and then simply let him run, which seems to make you feel terrified. This technique does require some precise time, so if the baby cannot sprint properly, then just return to the position hidden under the bed.

Another general reminder to keep in mind is that “Resident Evil Village” has no fall damage, so instead of climbing down the ladder, try your best to run towards them from an angle and hope Ethan will fall. As you might expect, the decline is much faster than the climb.

When trying to cross a werewolf tribe or a great werewolf, please prepare flash bombs and pipe bombs. We are not here to fight everything, so if you can get past the enemy, we recommend that you do so.

When playing the game on casual difficulty, the enemy’s attack speed is usually very slow, and the interval between two strikes is very long, so you can usually dodge and pass many groups-including the one in the dungeon of Dimitrescu Castle Enemies, as well as werewolf villages and strongholds in the dungeon of Dickenrescu Castle.

Certain enemies or groups may be too fast or too large to bypass, such as the great werewolves going to the reservoir, some armored Sodats in the factory, or the werewolf brigade in the fortress. Using Flashbang can provide you with the space you need to slip and fall without getting stuck.

When you have to use laser-guided strikes in the Finale, please remember to constantly strike and retreat the werewolves, which will hit the casual difficulty, because it is usually a better choice than wasting time to chop them all down.