Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Spanky’s Quest Review (SNES) | Life on Nintendo

With the five new features of Nintendo Switch Online’s NES and SNES game catalogs arriving today, we decided to check out these new/old versions to help you decide which one to play first. enjoy!

In the late 1980s, an ape named Jiro was one of Japan’s most popular monkeys, known for its “reflective” posture. He also became the star of Natsume Soseki, an early SNES action game, which was renamed Spanky’s Quest elsewhere in the world, which made the snickering middle school students very happy.

The game is similar to games like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros., each stage is very small and full of platforms you can skip. Each area is full of fruit-themed bad guys, many of whom are juggling the keys you need to grab to get to the next stage. The assault attack is to throw the bubbles upward in a short arc, which will only stun the enemy. At any time, you can pop a bubble, and it will become a sports ball that will actually hurt the enemy. You can also bounce the bubbles on Spanky’s head, which not only makes the bubbles bigger, but also changes the type of projectile that pops up when blasting. If you don’t bounce it around, it will only show a small baseball-not that powerful​​-but when it bounces further, it may turn into a pile of footballs, and a row of volleyballs when hitting an enemy A group of basketballs circling outward, or spreading unbelievably. If used correctly, all these attacks can be used against multiple enemies.

This is an unusual system because there is no way to directly attack the enemy, because even if you want to hit the enemy with a bubble, you need to keep a certain distance between Spanky and his enemy, and it’s easy to get trapped. Since the bubbles are floating downward, the best strategy is to rush to a high place first, and then rain water from above, but not all horizontal surfaces have a space that allows you to play safely.

The boss battles that occur every ten stages also make things a little more complicated, because you need to properly research their attack methods and counterattacks. It is more challenging than it seems at first, and occasionally there are some cheap deaths and suspicious hit detections, but this hidden depth makes it more meaningful. Distribute life easily (assuming you have sworn to use the Nintendo Switch online rewind feature), although there are checkpoints even after ten stages. However, this is not a long game, there are a total of fifty stages (plus boss battles) and a password system. Alas, although most of these types of games have two players working together, the game is only a single player game.

Spanky’s Quest is the ideal Nintendo Switch Online game. At first glance, this is a fairly common title, and it is hard to imagine that many people will spend a lot of money on it. But as a subscription-bundled game, it is very interesting, and its weirdness also has some unexpected charms, especially thanks to the jazz soundtrack of former Konami composer Kiyhiro Sada.Some players may find some temporary entertainment, but some people like games released by Switch, such as Go on a diet Or the Rainbow Islands may find that they have new favorites.