Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Soul-filled action game Unsouled, now available in Xbox Game Preview

What do you like about role-playing games? One of the attractions of RPGs is the ability to grow your character and become part of the world that your character is inhaling. How about action games? When it comes to combat, hunting down enemies and taking advantage of their weaknesses while showing off all the flashy moves from your fingertips is arguably very satisfying.I will introduce you today Without a soul, An action RPG that skillfully mixes elements from both genres.

Without a soul The story of Maras, the prince whose kingdom has fallen into a sudden assault on undead creatures. As Prince Maras, you must defeat countless enemies and bosses to discover the truth behind the collapse of the kingdom. Help Prince Maras grow in power by absorbing the “souls” dropped by his enemies throughout the journey. The soul of this game is symbolic and also occupies most of the game’s combat system.

When playing Without a soul, Combat is your only concern. There are no puzzles, winding maps or twisted maps. You need that energy to hone your combination skills. Combat is fast-paced and requires a good balance between offense and defense. There is a soul and a timed attack.

Souls are consumed to replenish stamina, level up skills, and destroy large objects in the map to create paths. In addition, you can time your attacks appropriately to perform counterattacks and numerous follow-up movements. It may take some getting used to, but once you have all the techniques at your disposal, killing monsters gives you the incredible satisfaction that only action RPGs offer.


So far our focus has been on the gaming experience, but it must be said that the great pixel art of the game is also worth mentioning. Everything you see in this post is drawn by Jinsub Jung, the sole author and developer of. Without a soul.. Jinsub has many of his views on the genre and inspiration of action games drawn from Oedipus mythology. Without a soul, This becomes very obvious when playing the game.


Still under development, Without a soul Now available as part of the Xbox Game Preview program. Get your copy today and see where the action takes you.

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Unsouled (game preview)



Note: This game is an ongoing work. It may or may not change over time and may or may not be released as a final product. Purchase only if you are satisfied with the current state of the unfinished game. Take on the role of Fallen Prince in Unsouled – a stylish, fast-paced 2D action RPG. Fight your way through an interactive environment and adrenaline-inspiring encounters as you unravel the mysteries behind this undead-filled world. – Unsouled’s fast-paced, stylish combat enemies react to every move you make. Always be vigilant, as even the slightest mistake can lead to relentless enemy attacks. – Expert control and timing Perform various skill combos and counterattacks for maximum damage. Take a closer look at the unique mechanics of the game using the “Abyss” system. Players may want to lower the difficulty setting, but mastering true combat requires practice. – Each skill combo in Chain Attack Unsouled has its own trigger. Whenever you use a skill, your character will flash for a moment. Take this opportunity to execute your skills one after another, turning your first attack into a deadly series of blows. To master the chain attack, it is important to learn the winddown pattern of each skill. – Counterattack combos are not the only tool under your belt. The counterattack mechanism adheres to the high-risk, high-reward principle and, if done correctly, can thin out multiple targets in a single seamless attack. Mastering chain counter-tack is the key to changing the flow of perpetrators. – Interactive objects Hitting enemies against walls, pushing them off shelves, cutting down trees to crush them, and defeating large objects to create temporary bridges are many ways to overcome obstacles and threats. It’s just a part of it. game. – Passive souls and active souls When fighting or exploring, you may come across special souls. Passive souls take effect immediately after gaining, enhancing abilities, unlocking new skills, or upgrading existing skills. Active souls are manually activated by the interaction of buttons that can unlock skills normally reserved for bosses and are used for combos and escapes from enemies. – Beautiful Pixel Art “Travel 5 different places, each filled with unique retro-style visuals with eerie and fun enemies. Individual pixels are affected by real-time lighting, which means rich and lively. You can enjoy all the pixel graphics with. Glory! “For more information on the latest status of the game, how to provide feedback and how to report problems, please visit