Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Sony launches free PS5 game trial test

Sony has begun testing a trial version of the free game on the PlayStation 5 to allow users to play the game for hours before purchasing, but it’s still not a perfect service.

As discovered by EurogamerThe trial feature seems to be currently only available in the UK and currently only includes two games: Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. For those who are wondering how long each game can be played, it seems to depend on what you choose. Death Stranding: Director’s Cut offers players up to 6 hours of free gameplay, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure offers 5 hours.

However, the actual time a player spends on a game can be much shorter.In decisions that may affect players differently depending on internet download speed, the trial period for each game is on the console.[試用版をダウンロード]Or from the web[ライブラリに追加]It’s set to trigger from the moment you select-as opposed to when you actually started playing the game for the first time.

A browser version of the UKPS store game trial interface.

This means that if it takes two hours to download a game, you’ve already used up a significant portion of your trial period without actually experiencing gameplay. The Death Stranding file size of 68GB (and 48GB before it became playable) could mean that some users would spend most of their trial period simply by installing the game on the console. We hope that if Sony makes game trials available worldwide, the system will be tuned.

To access either trial, UK players must go to their respective store pages for the game. However, this feature is only available to PlayStation 5 users and does not allow access to the PS4 trial version. Sony also states that this feature is limited to one trial per account and per game.

Sony’s “try before purchase” system isn’t without its problems, but many are showing a more general trend in the future, with more games and regions coming to the list soon. I’m expecting.

Sackboy: If you’re looking for more information on A Big Adventure, check out our game reviews. Or, if you want to know more about the recent release of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, check out this article, which describes the performance differences that the PS5 version of the game has made.

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