Monday, January 17th, 2022

Sony is reportedly “happy” with Kena sales: Spirits Bridge

Mike and Josh Grier of Ember Lab have revealed that Sony is happy with the number of Kena: Bridge of Spirits sold and that the game has already recovered its initial development costs.

so Interview with Bloomberg, The Glia brothers did not provide a sales number, but said they were pleased with the sale so far. “It’s hard to tell what a great success is. Sony is happy,” said Josh Greer. Mike Greer also said he put a lot of effort into marketing the Kena: Bridge of Spirits because Sony was in the spotlight. It was revealed with the PlayStation 5 in June 2020.

At the game conference, Ember Lab pitched an earlier version of the game. Although many major publishers were interested, the studio eventually signed a deal with Sony for both funding and marketing support. In addition, Ember Lab was allowed to learn about the PS5 a year before its official announcement and was provided with a development kit for the console.

The team pitched an early version of Kena at a gaming conference, attracted attention from several major publishers, and signed a deal with Sony for funding and marketing support. Working with one of the leading console makers had some great perks. They were briefed on the PlayStation 5 a year before the announcement and even received an early development kit.

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