Monday, November 29th, 2021

Sony has patented the ability of the audience to pay the “bench” player of the game they are watching

Sony has a patent that allows spectators on platforms like Twitch to vote and pay for “bench” players in video games.

As reported by Eurogamer, This patent-the title is “Audiences vote for video game bench players” -Audiences will be able to vote or pay to remove certain players from the game or send custom messages informing them that improvements are needed.

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These viewers have access to a menu that includes options such as “Remove player from game”, “Warn player about improvements”, “Provide custom messages”, and “Continue game”. According to this patent, players are only removed when the vote reaches a certain amount, such as 60%, and there is a weighting system that has a greater impact on the votes of “more skilled spectators”. This skill level is determined by factors such as game level, statistics, or achievements in the game you are watching.

The patent states that “as more and more people are interested in watching video games and esports events, game developers are trying to improve the viewing experience by improving the functionality and interactivity of their audience.” The application was filed based on.

Many aspects of this patent seem to focus only on negative behaviors, not positive behaviors that reward successful players. However, it is important to note that patents often take different forms and forms before / before they are made publicly available.

Sony’s application for this patent may be part of a more focused approach to esports that was recently presented when it announced the purchase of the Evolution Championship Series, the world’s largest fighting game tournament. ..

Unless there are a lot of safeguards, the potential harm this can cause is, especially given that Twitch is dealing with the fallout of many hatred attacks affecting countless streamers. It can be a problem.

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