Monday, November 29th, 2021

Sony censors strike when Switch wins “20 women” and PS4 wins “20 bunnies”

What are the three most misplaced items in everyday life? You might be thinking of keys, wallets, and TV remotes, but forget one thing we’re always losing: women! Every time we try to leave the house, we can’t remember where we last put the woman. Are they behind the couch? In the washing machine? If there is any way we can track women!

Eastasiasoft, which develops games such as “Waifu Uncovered” and “Hentaivs. Evil,” unveiled the latest take in the genre “Girls in unpleasant tight underwear.” 20 women, Here you will complete a simple platform puzzle and collect all the lost women. Also, women are naked! with some reason! Maybe all their pants were shredded by spinning spike traps that scattered the levels. Poor woman.

Trailers are age-restricted because women don’t wear them very often and can’t actually be embedded here, but adults can. Check it out on youtube..

But the best part of this game hasn’t come yet, friends. We are A) adults, B) owners of multiple consoles, C) friends with all PureXbox and PushSquare writers, so we rarely step into a console war, but we have to find it. very PS4 and PS5 … Rabbit:

Yes, for the PlayStaytion player, the slightly covered puss of 20 women was replaced by an anthropomorphic, fully dressed rabbit woman, thanks to Sony’s strict rules regarding sexual content.. Check the difference in the description.

20 women: “Watch out for hazards! Breaking the heart three times will instantly respawn first and reset the ready counter to zero. You have to touch everything without dying to move on to the next stage. Unlock attractive images Every time it’s done “

20 Rabbit: “Watch out for hazards! Losing 3 hearts will instantly respawn first and reset the bunny counter to zero. You have to find everything without dying to move on to the next stage. Unlock adorable images Every time it’s done “

Now, let’s put a positive spin on this: there’s something for everyone, whether you’re interested in unlocking a nice female lump or a fluffy bunny tail. One thing is certain: you will never lose a woman again.

Twenty women arrive at the Nintendo eShop on November 19th.