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Original copy Sonic the hedgehog Sega Genesis games are sold at record selling prices $ 430,500 USD.. Not only is this a new record for this Sonic game, it will also be the “best ever” record sale for the Genesis title.

This step-by-step game is “WATA certified”. As you may know, WATA is one of the grading companies that has been previously accused of playing the retro video game market. For example, just recently, the co-founder was accused of selling a company’s game on eBay under another alias.

Yuji Naka, co-producer of Sonic the Hedgehog, saw the latest sale for himself-he talked about the possibility of being a “scam.”

of course, Many reactions on social media A quick link to Karl Jobst’s video and follow-up story about the recent gradual gaming market.Sonic isn’t the only one we’re seeing this-back in August, a copy of the original Super mario bros. Sold at NES for a record $ 2 million.

WATA previously shared the following statement with Nintendo Life in response to Karl Jobst’s accusations of “fraud and deception” in the retrogaming market.

“WataGames is a trusted leader in collectible video game grading and we are honored to play an important role in this booming industry where we are very passionate. Transparent grading. The claims in this video are completely groundless and defamatory, and it’s a shame that Jobst didn’t contact us to give him the opportunity to fix him. “