Sonic’s anniversary may be this year, but Sega plans to continue to promote its launch of new games and fresh animation series on Netflix in 2022.The show will be called Sonic Prime and promised to be a “high-intensity adventure, in which the fate of a strange new multiverse lies in it [Sonic’s] Gloved hands”.

Those who are eager to understand what the series will bring seem to have gained some foresight through some conceptual art.It was shared-and deleted after being discovered online by fans-by visual development/environmental artist Patrick Holland, He provided the following information and illustrations before removing the page.

These are the concept works I drew for the Netflix series Sonic Prime. I am responsible for cleaning up the layout and colors. Provide character pose and design.

Of course, the concept map may give people a sneak peek, but it does not provide the final details about the program with certainty; we don’t know how many of these concepts are final edited before it is broadcast.

Let us know what you think and whether you are looking forward to Sonic Prime next year.

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