Sonic lost world It’s a pretty interesting entry in the series and pretty decent in this writer’s humble opinion. It was dedicated to the Wii U (3DS version was also released) until the slightly foretold PC port arrived. Of course, that opened up the possibility of mods. Last year, I saw the recreation of Yoshi DLC fans from the game.

Known as its same creator, threat They’re almost done remodeling on their YouTube channel completion PC version with The Legend of Zelda DLC. Weird free content that references The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, which was pretty big in 2014. It had a shaky camera and was very short, but as a free addition to the game it was completely fascinating and fun.

This DLC mod is set to arrive in mid-February, when the developers have carefully recreated the stage. It looks like a pretty impressive effort.

Either way, it’s a pretty throwback for us-maybe it’s time to launch that Wii U copy …