Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Sonic limited edition “birthday outfit” is coming back for 30th anniversary

If you are about when Sonic the Hedgehog Celebrating its 10th anniversary, you may remember how Sega released a limited edition set, which included Sonic Adventure 2 And a special “birthday gift pack” which contains 10th anniversary coins, brochures and gold coins Sound Speed ​​Music CD Soundtrack.

For those who missed it for the first time and happened to be located in Japan, Sega revealed that it will release an updated version for Blue Blur’s 30th birthday.There will be the same content (slightly updated), this time it will be provided with the release Sonic Color: Ultimate The price of the anniversary set is 9,889 yen, which is approximately US$89.

The following is a complete summary of the contents of this package provided by SEGAbits:

Anniversary package contains:

-“Life in Sonic’s World Vol.1” art book, which contains illustrations of “SONIC PICT” on the official Japanese Twitter account, depicting the daily lives of Sonic and friends. The book will also provide exclusive cover illustrations as well as reviews and behind-the-scenes stories of his work.

-“The Life of Sonic’s World” CD, containing music and art books from games.

-Sonic 30th Anniversary Collection Coin: A limited edition coin commemorating the 30th anniversary of Sonic.

Sonic Color: Ultimate Edition and Birthday Set (image: Via Amazon)
This is what Sonic's 10th Anniversary Birthday Set looks like...
This is what Sonic’s 10th Anniversary Birthday Set looks like… (image: Via SEGAbits)

Again, this is a discount only for Japan, but there are Available import options. Are you interested in the 30th Anniversary Edition of Sonic Birthday Pack? Did you get the original in 2001? Leave a comment below.