Image: Sega

Sonic Frontier may not come out until next week, but it looks like many have already managed to get their hands on a retail copy of the game. , and as I mentioned yesterday, there are story-related spoilers and more floating around.

Spoilers aren’t necessarily limited to story or gameplay. Some individuals seem to go beyond this and leak music tracks from new games. Sound Director Tomoya Otani released the following message on social media:

“Please don’t ruin the game by leaking unreleased Sonic Frontier tracks. It’s sad to see people ruining other people’s experiences.”

Tomoya Ohtani previously mentioned how six composers and two arrangers worked with him on the Sonic Frontier soundtrack, and also mentioned that the game has over 150 tracks. increase. A lot of love is put into it.

You can read more about the latest leak in yesterday’s article.