Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Sonic Colors Ultimate will become a friendly game for beginners

Sonic games are not always the easiest to accelerate, it seems that Sega is passing the upcoming remake Sonic Color Ultimate Edition.

in a Recent interview with Famitsu (Translated by Tails’ channel) Sonic Studio Creative Officer Takashi Iizuka talked about how the developers of the remake wanted the game to be more suitable for beginners, so they made some adjustments.

The biggest change is the removal of the “old life system”, and now there is a “tail save” to help players jump:

“The biggest change is the removal of the old life system. As we know, “Game Over” does not conform to the current game environment, so this time players can play infinitely without worrying about how many times they fail.”

“Furthermore, since it is an action platform game, if you fail to jump, you may fall into a bottomless pit and make mistakes, but we have added a “tail save” function to help players.

“As the name suggests, if the player falls into the bottomless pit, Tails will show up and save them. We have added such a feature to make beginners more involved, so that they can enjoy the action game without being frustrated.”

How do you feel that Sonic Colors is easier to use? How did you find the original game released in 2010? Tell us below.