Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Sonic Colors Ultimate confirmed for switching, will be released this fall


In the Wii era, Sonic and SEGA were the real best partners of Nintendo. A pretty good game that appeared in that era was Timbre; Today, SEGA confirmed in its Sonic Central broadcast Sonic Color Ultimate Edition, Will arrive on Switch on September 7.

Sonic Colors (the main title of the Wii, also available on the DS) came out in 2010, and its impact was so great that we even rated it as 9/10 as the “best 3D Sonic game ever.” . It avoids many silly storytelling and characters of the previous 3D Sonic titles, while introducing Wisps and various concise features for Sonic to learn.

On the Remaster side, SEGA showed a trailer showing a vivid appearance with HD gloss. However, apart from the improved visual effects, there does not seem to be any other major additions.

Are you excited about Sonic Colors Ultimate on Switch?