Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Sonic collaboration appearing in Monster Hunter Rise revealed

The collaboration of Sonic the Hedgehog in Monster Hunter Rise was revealed in a new trailer by Capcom.

Monster Hunter Rise has seen many free DLC updates over the past few months to combine the world of Monster Hunter with other gaming franchises. In its recently revealed collaboration, which can be seen being teased in the trailer (below), the game will nod to both Sonic the Hedgehog and Tales in a new pack coming out later this month. It is set.

Like the game’s previous DLC collaborations, neither Sonic nor Tails actually appear in the game. Instead, Monster Hunter Rise utilizes a special armor set that gives both characters the feeling of entering the world.

Capcom’s latest DLC, released November 26th, will include a “Sonicwear” layered armor for hunters, a reliable Sonic costume for Pariko, and a “Canine Tail” costume for paramute.

The trailer itself will showcase costumes that players can equip their characters with when the DLC goes on sale later this month. Throughout the clip, you can see the characters collecting Sonic-style rings as they explore the various environments of Monster Hunter Rise-although it’s not clear if they will actually appear in DLC content.

The clip ends with a screen promoting Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The main expansion of the game is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2022, including new monsters, locations, and new hubs for players to explore in-game.

For more information on Monster Hunter Rise’s previous collaborations, check out the recently featured Mega Man DLC trailer for the game released in September.

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