Sega recently submitted new trademarks for many franchises, including a game franchise called Sonic Frontier. This could be the name of Sonic’s mysterious 2022 entry.

As Gematsu reported, video game publishers last month Secure trademark In both Japanese and English for a new game called Sonic Frontier-a move that prompted speculation about the next unnamed Sonic project.

The publisher does not state the purpose of the trademark, but it could be the name of a new Sonic Team game currently being developed by the studio. The game first showed Sonic running through a forest-like environment and was teased in May during a short trailer confirming the 2022 release date.

Despite announcing the project a few months ago, the game has yet to win an official title. At the time of Teaser’s release, a series of trailer files and a hasty modified press release seemed to suggest that the game could take the name of Sonic Ranger, which was Sega at the time. Not confirmed by the Sonic Team.

Rumors revolve around the idea that new Sonic games can take an open world approach. It’s a frontier name, but it’s important to emphasize that this is a guess at this point.

With the exception of the game’s first teaser, most others that can direct fans in the direction of potential titles in the game haven’t been shown by the developers. Whether the Sonic 2022 name is Sonic Ranger, Sonic Frontier, or something completely different, Sega and the Sonic Team seem to have big plans for the game.

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In an interview with Sonic Stadium earlier this year, Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka said, “Sonic Adventure laid the foundation for the 20-year-old Sonic title, so this new title, launched in 2022, was also released. I sincerely hope to be born. The foundation of the next future Sonic title—that’s the idea behind the team’s challenge. ”

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