Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Someone recreated DOOM Eternal in Labo Garage VR, which is indeed a thing

Nintendo’s upcoming DIY game maker Game Builder Garage will enable Switch owners to create their own basic games using easy-to-learn node-based tools that were originally part of the Nintendo Labo series of games. We say “basic” mainly because it is an adjective to describe our unremitting efforts to Nintendo’s neat visual programming suite, but obviously, the Internet is full of incredible creators who make these tools work. Impressive things.

The latest work emerging from Nintendo’s fascinating tool set is Labo VR’s interpretation of the stellar mechanics and movements of the first-person shooter DOOM Eternal (thanks, comic book).

creator Mr. Tiff! In Nintendo’s DIY game makers, they have a form when recreating complex gameplay; they try to replicate things like Super hot with Defeat the saber In the past, let alone Excellent Force-Pull lightsaber player, But this latest effort is carried out on another level.

Nintendo itself has released a series of simple mini-games to demonstrate what can be achieved, but this new homemade version of one of the best first-person shooters of the previous console generation gives us what we have seen so far There is nowhere to escape. Although this work may lack some exquisite graphics (you will not find any devil’s internal organs or internal organs here), it can indeed capture the feeling of DOOM Eternal weapons and movements, which can be viewed in the following ways: