Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Soapbox: What makes the game a good Metroidvania anyway?

It’s permissible to think that it’s never been easier to devise a secret formula that connects all the great games in this popular genre — a clue to the name!They just need to be like Metroid, With all the shooting and aliens and the accompanying science fiction and quiet loneliness, and they also need to be the same CastlevaniaAn incredibly similar selection … uh, a sword. And whip. And, uh, a magical upside-down castle. Ah, that preference for characters that appeared once 10 years ago, unlockable playable characters, and long cutscenes that could feature supernaturally beautiful men with gorgeous hair up to the knees. Just mash up the two together and sell whatever comes out of the other end — easy!

Anyway, it’s a theory.In reality, this genre is a crazy mess of contradictions, and modern action is Mirade Master A genuine “Metroidvania” Blasphemous‘Gothic religious theme or Guacamelee! 2Vibrant style. In “real” Metroidvania, you can control anything from ninjas to vampire hunters. Dead cells The Flame Head Reed … You don’t even have to be a hero (or a passive antihero) — CarrionThe playable “character” of is a ruthless flesh and tooth mass and is violent thing Enthusiastic consumption of those who are in the way, Slimming Go down the corridor and through an incredibly small gap.

Guacamelee!  2

Therefore, if it is not even their look or play that determines the legitimacy of Metroidvania, then perhaps unifying this different genre is at the level of the challenge they are facing, and like the legend, all The best example is relatively simple Symphony of the night, Or … really difficult, just like Hollow Night.. number?To make matters worse, it was accepted and even worse welcome The design of Metroidvania goes against everything that is said to be a great game of other genres. Doors that open only to missiles that may currently be missing are hindering progress, or rely on new abilities waiting for us behind the dreaded screen-high monsters in unrelated parts of the map. We expect to be undirected and alone while other games are rushing to cover the screen with markers, compasses and loading screen tips. On the other hand, Backtrack, the review score killer for countless other titles, is just the expected part of the Metroidvania experience.

So if you can set them wherever you like, they can be as easy or difficult as you like, and doing the exact opposite of what we’re told makes traditional games fun, then Metroidvania What makes it good? What really makes them, well, they?

Castlevania Advance Collection

you do.

Rather, how do they personally relate to and interact with the environment presented in these games? As long as you always remember that the game in question is all about interacting with the player and a given virtual playground, everything else surrounding this almost intangible and very open interpretation core. It can be anything you want.

And just as we seem to have reached somewhere, we recognize that this one truth can manifest in at least 12 different ways. It’s an area designer who deliberately puts something clearly visible, but out of reach. We know that with time, effort, or new abilities (perhaps a combination of all three), the promised prize will eventually be charged. An ever-expanding inventory and an expanding skill set. In the past, one casual shot that had to be carefully approached was the thrill of internal organs that blew away enemies. The strength and personal power of the character grows with each defeat of the enemy. It sees a distant exit to an unknown location that is appetizingly placed at the top of the vertical plane.I know exactly what I need to do here“Before you reach your goal easily.

Super metroid

These are the unparalleled moments spent rhythmically jumping and kicking smooth walls. You’ll be forced to go back and find a place to go, or you’ll fearlessly dive into lava, which was deadly an hour ago. The harsh world of aliens, the long-forgotten trails full of monsters, and the grand staircase leading to the climax battle with the ruler of darkness, from dangerous and unknown to familiar and safe, your own knowledge. And to confidence, move one room at a time for your character as ammo count or defense statistics.

It doesn’t even have to be about getting harder, better, faster, or stronger. Who is smiling while casually reaching for one of the 99 potions waiting in their vast endgame inventory during what might otherwise have been a difficult encounter? Alternatively, enjoy the quiet joy of “cleaning up” the area map, or explore high ceilings and other “meaningless” corners and crevices thanks to the buoyancy provided by the special items you recently acquired. You can also. The last square? Who doesn’t want to fill out the game’s bestiary or collect as much trinket as possible for reasons other than the satisfaction that the game brings?

this It defines Metroidvania. It has nothing to do with the perspectives you use, the type and amount of abilities you acquire, the characters you play, the enemies you defeat, or the background details you can easily miss or the “environmental storytelling” that can emerge from silent NPC animations. .. It has surprisingly little to do with either of the famous names of the genre.Good metroidvania Feeling -Maybe promise — The strange new world that spreads forward is only for you. Slowly but surely conquer somewhere, taking its secret hiding place, mysterious abilities, and iron-clad evidence of the development of knowledge about monster magic one step further.

do you agree? What do you think is the reason for making Metroidvania Metroidvania? What do you like about them?