Image: Nintendo

Don’t get in the way of the controversial early opinions. Anyone who uses a pitchfork can start sharpening their tools right away. Many of the Nintendo 64 games are not very mature. Of course, they weren’t because Nintendo was the console at the forefront of 3D graphics technology. Nintendo has gained a place in history by providing a genre-defining home video game console experience. Previously it was possible. As for the console, it was a system with games that set 3D standards for platformers, first-person shooters, and action-adventure games. Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and even the good old 007 blew away in the late 90’s.

I am 12 years old The usual Classic certainly excited me a lot. Still, one of the most played games of the era was Wave Race 64, a jet ski racer and sequel to the Game Boy title I’ve never heard of. Of course, readers, it has matured without any problems.

At the time, it was one of the most arcade-like games I’ve ever seen on a console.This is a light gun game Sega Rally It was very impressive on Saturn — yes, it’s a simpler era. I didn’t live in a town with real arcades, so whenever I saw coin-operated machines while traveling, I was crazy about playing them (which was annoying to my parents). rice field).

The game wields you and informs you to respect the elements

Wave Race 64 had that atmosphere for me, and it had That water..It may not look too wild today when we have something like Sea of ​​Thieves It’s a surprisingly detailed reproduction of the ocean, but the idea of ​​a game that combines realistic waves with physics was fantasy at the time. But that’s what the game has achieved. You weren’t running around the jet ski as if it were a flat-faced car. The game wields you and informs you to respect the elements.

Of course, as better players and speed runners know, the waves opened pretty flashy jumps and shortcuts. felt Intentionally. I’m lucky to be able to run through on “normal” difficulty, but I’ve been watching my brother tackle the toughest CPU AI and use all the shortcuts offered. It’s a game that gets really difficult when you’re trying, so it’s still well worth the replay today.You can be trash like me, or For real Understand and control the mechanism — the development team did a good job.