Monday, September 20th, 2021

Soapbox: To be happy, this is the real golden age of gaming

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The Soapbox feature allows our individual authors to express their opinions on hot topics or random content they have been thinking about. These opinions are not necessarily the voice of the website. Today, Tom talked about why this is the greatest gaming era. So stop complaining, okay?

I’m almost old enough, when I was four years old Use a carriage instead of a car The actual card is brought to run the game. You put the cassette into the player. Take me as an example. It uses a very British, clumsy game system ZX Spectrum. You have to wait 4 minutes. It will assassinate the bloody murder and flash the colors on the screen, and then collapse. You will rewind, pray to all the gods, and then the game will finally load.Then the risk can be At last begin.

[On the Spectrum] You have to wait 4 minutes, it will assassinate the bloody murder and flash colors on the screen, then it will crash

In my home, we are the experimental types of early game consoles SEGA and Nintendo. For anyone in North America, reading may be strange, but NES is not a big problem in the UK, at least on my neck. I didn’t even know that this kind of thing existed when I was a kid. However, when it arrived, we did upgrade from the poor old Spectrum to SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, and my young eyes suddenly popped out of my mind, because this leap was like a leap from the old standard definition The TV switches to the IMAX screen. This shows my love for Sonic the Hedgehog, even if this love is not always rewarded.

But the truth is that buying games was a piece of cake before the Internet age, and we rely heavily on my brother, who I think is a tip from the school playground and any magazine he can find. To our credit, our Mega Drive series is full of gems, but grief is very expensive. When I grew up, I was surprised to find out how many games my parents bought for us. When I grew up, I lived very well and wanted nothing, but we didn’t do expensive things, such as going abroad for vacation or just for the luxury of making gorgeous decorations in the house. We passed, so my parents will undoubtedly arrange the budget wisely to have sufficient funds and satisfy our gaming habits.

Speed ​​of sound©SEGA

To illustrate the price, my copy Sonic the Hedgehog 3 There is still a receipt for it, which was £39.99 at the time; my brother spent more money on Just the cartridge Applies to one of the Street Fighter 2 versions (to be honest, I forgot which version).This was in the early to mid-90s, I inserted the price of Sonic 3 Official inflation calculator it is at More than £80; Just as I suggested that we are not a wealthy family, I can imagine it felt like a lot of money back then.

Now, despite Sony’s current efforts in the UK to increase the price of current first-party games to £70, the prices of large-scale first-party games produced by Nintendo have remained stable. But of course there is more. In the past, you had retail games and nothing more. As far as I know, people miss the preferences of the past. But in this modern gaming era, we do live in the best times.

Anyone with a computer, passion, imagination and talent can make games

Time and technology have changed everything, mainly the final development of the Internet and download stores and games. Development tools have also changed-Kate’s article provides a good view on this-greatly enhancing the development community. Making games used to be the property of a licensed company that owned employees in the office. This is the power and accessibility of current tools. Anyone with a computer and full of passion, imagination and talent can make games. Moreover, if the game is good, there are some ways to release the game for free or at a reasonable price on PCs, mobile phones and almost all game consoles on the market.

Yes, the democratization of game development and distribution means that we also have a lot of scum in the store, but This is a price worth paying. When I think back to the Wii/DSi era, from generations to today’s Switch, I am surprised how many downloads of my favorite game experience, especially games downloaded from a small team. Most importantly, big companies use their resources and technological advancements to do some amazing things in the AAA market. I sit and play Nintendo’s latest games, or some shiny retail games on the new “next-generation” consoles, and the quality is excellent.

Most importantly, the game has never been more affordable than it is now, which again makes it easier to use. This is a good cycle-the more people who play games, the more inspiration to become a future game maker.

Switch panel©Nintendo Life

Retail prices have basically remained stable, there are free games with large budgets, and stores like eShop are crowded with amazing games priced under $20. Of course, there are subscription services, Nintendo Switch Online focuses on retro games and “99” games, PS Plus still distributes games every month, and then there is Game Pass. Microsoft has disrupted the market with Game Pass, and developers seem to be satisfied with what it does for them. Between the Switch pick-up service and Game Pass, I was shocked by the quality and variety of games that I can enjoy every week, and these costs are much lower than the “good old days”.

Also, if you prefer retro games and don’t want to deal with season tickets, microtransactions, etc. (mainly Optional, And games like FIFA do not perform well on DLC, and the additional items may actually be interesting), then you can choose.There are some innovative hardware products that allow you to play old games in a convenient way, or like Evercade A small ecosystem with its own cartridges and classic ammunition. Then there are the official download options, such as Konami, Arcade archives, etc. collections. If you want to continue retro, go find it.

Evercade©Nintendo Life

So we are in a state of having the best of both worlds, and sometimes I think we are obsessed with lamenting FIFA Ultimate Team correctly or complaining for how long Metroid Prime 4 Taking it away, we forgot the smell of roses that we stopped to is Ok Challenge the deficiencies of the game industry, this is what makes it better, but sometimes we should take a step back and smile and say, “Wow, that’s a lot of great games.”

The game has never reached a higher quality, has never been so diverse, has never had so many options to play a new game with Ancient, and has never been so easy to obtain and bear. There is room for improvement in all of these areas, and there will always be improvements, but I find it difficult to hear someone talk about the “good past” and remain straightforward. These are beautiful days.

and so, In just one day, let us clearly marvel at how far the game has evolved. These are the golden ages of the game.