Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Soapbox: The Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer has produced theories

The best part of working in game journalism is when you start Frantically Presumably a moment in the trailer, so here we are. Time for speculation! Get ready for binoculars and magnifying glass, and make a lot of meaningless notes!

You may have noticed (unless you are screaming excitedly) that there is some strange reverse music in the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer.This is not the first time that the Zelda game uses upside-down voices-the iconic Skyward Sword theme Actually played back Zelda’s lullaby, after all.

The enterprising former journalist and current video game writer Mitch Dyer personally reversed it and found out whether there was hidden information, but… it seems that there is no. In fact, it looks like forward and backward. Uh uh.

Another avid fan, TAHK0, reversed more trailers (i.e. all) to reveal that music is just… the opposite theme of Breath of the Wild?But what’s the use of all this Stingy?

Maybe this is just a good little reference.

unless. (it has started.) unless Somehow, this is a clue to the true meaning of the game.Quite a few people have been inferring that the longer the character’s back to us, the longer the hair means that we will become Play as Zelda herself, Maybe when they use this new gravity transfer mechanism. What is Zelda, but the opposite of Link? (Yes, well, this is a bit far-fetched.)

improve (image: Camilla Cuprido)

Now, this has been a theory for a long time-some of us (I) even think that the original Breath of the Wild will be a Zelda-centric game because We didn’t see Link’s face at first until correct At the end of the first trailer. Also, remember Linkel? We definitely will.

We never really had a chance to play Zelda (unless you calculate her location in Spirit Tracks) dead), although we don’t want to have hope, it’s very cool to travel through the open world with it two The character is the first time ever. But also… it looks like Link in the trailer has long hair, doesn’t it? Let us not hope too much.

But there is another popular theory: Link actually Time travel. Where have we seen those floating islands? That’s right-Skyward Sword, the first game in Zelda’s story timeline. “Breath of the Wild” is the work after “Ocarina of Time”, “Twilight” and “Wind Waker”, so if we are going to return to the floating island, maybe we have to return to where it all started.

Remember the stout arms in the first trailer? What if that was the first Link arm? What if Link is occupied by… his own arm from the past?All this very Adventure time Sixth seasonIf you ask us. Maybe it is even a cycle of time… We are destined to repeat the death and birth of Hailaru forever. The key word there is “Maybe“.

So, the answer is: we don’t know yet. It seems that there will be some kind of gravity game in Breath of the Wild 2, and there may also be some kind of time game, but we won’t know it for a long time. Listen, if you don’t want to make a pointless guess of a few hundred words, you shouldn’t click on the guess title! At this point, we know as much as you!

So far, what is your operating theory based on the trailer? Guess in the comments!