Friday, September 17th, 2021

Soapbox: Space Jam 2 is an incorrect video game cash payment

Picture: 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment. all rights reserved.

Let’s solve this problem: watch Space Jam: A New Legacy It feels a lot like watching a timeshare demo of every cartoon and manga character you know.It has the same greasy “please give us money” feeling, because Warner Bros. shows you its various intellectual property rights, just like they show you a catalog of goods to buy, although you can Technically As long as you want to leave, you feel that you should hold on for another hour, at least. In the end, you will feel that you have been advertising non-stop and your eyes will be covered by the film of Batman’s afterimage. this is not good.

But this is a video game site, not a movie site. I’m not here to tell you Space Jam: A New Legacy is as good as cooking and eating Nike Air shoes for two hours, or it’s the original and broken wall humor Replace it with a plain, face value reference to the cartoon you know, hoping that it will trigger your nostalgia and make you feel interesting.I won’t even tell you that this movie attempts to illustrate the gradual spread of dystopia from corporate media monopolies, and Do what it criticizes.

Honestly, this list summarizes about half an hour of movies
Honestly, this list summarizes about half an hour of movies (Photo: 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved.)

No, I’m here to tell you how “Space Slam Dunk 2” became the latest movie borrowed from the multi-billion dollar gaming industry, because the game is a hot new thing, but it doesn’t really understand the greatness of video Where games are, why people like them, and how people make them.

Space Jam: Spoiler warning for some plot elements of the new legacy.

The movie starts with a child, LeBron James, who will one day become a basketball player. Before a basketball game, his friend gave him a game boy. He played The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle for about five minutes, and his child’s brain was full of imaginary full-color representations of dopamine and black and green games. But after losing the basketball game, his coach-obviously the kind of person who likes to make children feel guilty-told LeBron that if he wants to make enough money to support his single mother, he needs ” Use your mind in the game”.

LeBron! That is a gift!
LeBron! That is a gift! (Photo: 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved.)

LeBron threw the Game Boy into the trash can. This is part of the quick storytelling in the first 25 minutes, because the movie knows that you want to watch funny cartoons, not the settings; nevertheless, it is painful to see if you are a fan of DMG. I can only hope that another child will find it because it is on the top of the trash can, on top of a relatively clean pizza box, and take it home to cherish it.

Fast forward to today, LeBron has his own child.One of them, Dom (Cedric Joe) likes video games and even make They are in his bedroom.This is where I paused the movie and started ranting at my partner-he is a video game designer who makes his own game-because the portrayal of video game development is horrible Stupid, I like a good rant.

Little LeBron is playing his own game on the console. This is very impressive. How did he get there? Did he manage to obtain a development kit in some way?Tell us your secret, dome
Little LeBron is playing his own game on the console. This is very impressive. How did he get there? Did he manage to obtain a development kit in some way?Tell us your secret, dome (Photo: 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved.)

Now, I am happy to admit that the development of video games is not suitable for viewing. Watching is boring, slow, and mainly involves adjusting variable names and adding semicolons at the end of the line. Even the exciting part is only exciting if you know what’s going on, such as 3D modeling, rigging or animation, or basically anything that involves words like “eye bone” and “skin weight” thing. I don’t blame filmmakers for wanting video game development to look sexy and interesting, they did it in Space Jam 2.

But this kid-between 8 and 14 years old, I’m not good at guessing these things-can make an online game with a fully animated UI, richly detailed characters and crowds from scratch. Everything I just mentioned is enough to make any game developer sweat, let alone try to do all of them. And it’s about ten years old. And your father, he is a basketball millionaire who thinks the game is stupid.

Obviously, Dom James is an unappreciated Mozart in the field of video game development. One day, he will be acquired by Ubisoft. But for now, he must play basketball to impress his father. You think he has had enough of basketball all his life.

Silver denim jacket: a fashion moment or a style disaster?
Silver denim jacket: a fashion moment or a style disaster? (Photo: 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved.)

Later in the plot, we met the villain Al G. Rhythm (Don Cheadle)-this is not a spoiler, he was obviously evil from the beginning-he was dressed like a living statue, between an evil computer and Complete misunderstanding of what the algorithm is. He seems to exist as Warner Bros. Be a beacon, all their ideas come from suggestions generated by his algorithm, which is one step ahead of generating all movie ideas by typing “what is a good movie idea” in Google and seeing what the results tell them.

Obviously, the algorithm thinks it is the best for Warner Bros. Buck turned LeBron James into his own CGI version and cloned him, for…reasons? LeBron said that this is the dumbest idea he has ever heard. It is both an overreaction (which is hardly an idea) and is completely correct. His son, a young video game designer, asked: “Is this a heuristic algorithm or a matrix variant?” This should make him sound smart, but it’s actually mostly meaningless technical buzzwords. .

Oh no, my hands are cubes
Oh no, my hands are cubes (Photo: 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved.)

This is the main problem Space Jam 2 has with video games: it wants to cite them, but it doesn’t quite Understand them through a superficial understanding of which words are used.I can forgive it for the tediousness of video game design, but I hope it really Have done Something with it. Children have been talking about wanting to participate in the “E3 Game Design Camp”, but I hope they can learn more about video games or talk about them in more depth.

Once, the child will be upset because of his game malfunction-even though the on-screen performance is that the operating system crashes, not the game malfunction-and his character is deleted. This is not how the crash or malfunction works. I know, I know: In a sensational movie, being a grumpy old man with inconsistent logic is completely meaningless, it will only increase my blood pressure and decrease my association with anyone under 25. Opportunity, but still so.I thought we left Stupid hacker metaphor In the mid-2000s! Most people now at least vaguely know how video games and computers work!

Especially the children watching this movie care about video games (this may be the target audience, although there are quite uncoordinated Clockwork orange The guest post) is almost certainly immersed in the game culture, enough to know that this is not how the game works, and the plot point depends on some absurd things… well, this is a movie about cartoons, basketball and evil artificial Smart movies, so nonsense is a bit like today’s taste, but the internal logic should still exist.

Nevertheless, it is exciting to finally see my career reflected in the movie so that I can complain about it. For decades, marine biologists have been making dumb shark movies; since space was invented, astrophysicists have been complaining about space movies; and paying tribute to all historians who have seen movies before 1950. It took a long time to finally show the video game on the screen, not just “Someone is playing Pac-Man on the arcade” or “The whole TRON”, now we see the whole movie based on game design and algorithms!

integral!  !That comes from video games
integral! !That comes from video games (Photo: 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved.)

Of course, there are other movies and TV shows that do better—— Unlimited train, Mythical mission, Bandar Snack, and Russian doll, To name a few-but it is still a far cry from the way games were portrayed on the screen in the past, and it may even affect a new generation of future game designers.

So, yes, I am a bit annoyed by the inaccuracy of Space Jam 2’s video games. I am not the only one. But secretly, I am happy to join the ranks of those who know enough about one thing, and they become the one in the cinema who laughs loudly when they make a mistake. It marks a more general trend: video games have become so mainstream that there is no need to really explain them.

This can only be a good thing, right?