Monday, September 20th, 2021

Soapbox: “Resident Evil” rumor is really good

Recently, we asked Nintendo Life readers to rate your favorite Game Boy Color games, and while preparing to publish the top 50 results, we will review some of our favorite GBC games. Here, Kerry defends the “Resident Evil” game, which was voted by NL readers as the worst in the series…

A long time ago, we promised us that “Game Boy Color” transplanted the survival horror classic “Resident Evil” into the real world-tightening the angle of the camera, and everything-eventually ended in Barry.You are simply a Jill sandwich!Burton was on the boat. “Resident Evil Gaiden” (Resident Evil Gaiden) is considered (to this day) as a scum for fans of the series and the wider survival horror genre. As if to make matters worse, this story never happened-not in an official way beyond the fun and vague alternative events, and politely ignored the decorations that existed in many of the accompanying games of the series. This is the only game in the entire series that is finally classified as a standard game box.

So the fact is, this game is terrible, it doesn’t need it, and (by the norms) it didn’t actually happen, right? Incorrect.

The fact is that the game never has a chance.

After years of trying another game at Capcom, Capiden released the game in Europe in December 2001. Porting one of the biggest blockbusters of the same generation to the only important handheld computer is like opening a money hose and directing it to Capcom’s bank account. If it worked, it could have been. Quoting Capcom representative, the representative broke the tragic news of the final cancellation: “We are not sure if this product will satisfy consumers and Capcom“.

This brings us back to Gaydon: it doesn’t matter, different teams provide different tones at different times, unfortunately the game is only considered a consolation prize after all the ambitious ambitions have been shown. A game deemed insufficient to be worthy of completion. This alone is a big enough problem for Gayton, but the worst will still come – Gaydon made an appearance in the United States and Japan shortly after the now legendary GameCube remake of Resident Evil redefines the entire genre. , And appeared on the shelf of a store in Europe. On Capcom’s pre-presented masterpieces, each magazine is filled with exciting preview time page by page.

Some of the “Resident Evil” sequels are… let’s say “split”. Some are good. Some are incredible.But they will All Trying to steal the spotlight from the Spencer Mansion where Mikami was initially shrouded in shadow, and expecting Gaiden to perform well in this situation is unrealistic and unfair at best.

Therefore, this is not the Game Boy Resident Evil game that everyone is excited about. It was released almost at the same time as one of the undisputed climaxes of the series and even the entire survival horror genre.

However, all of this will not make Gaydon a bad game, just an unfortunate game.

The location is like Resident Evil: the luxury ocean liner Starlight is an independent and unavoidable nightmare. There is a sharp contrast between the luxurious destruction of the upper lobby and the cruel metal and the inherent dangers of the machinery operating below. This gives you Provided convenience. There are many types of main locations (and locked doors) while still feeling like different parts of a whole. If the story is followed up, it will move the entire series in an interesting new direction: Barry is set as the designated father of the series, which is fifteen years earlier than “Resident Evil: Revelation 2.” All mysterious young girls with unknown abilities, and-most shockingly-killed Leon and secretly replaced him with a deformed green blood biological weapon.

If the story is followed up, then the entire series will develop in an interesting new direction: set Barry as the designated dad of the series, and-most shockingly-kill Leon, and use it secretly The deformed green replaced him, a bloody biological weapon.

ridiculous? In addition to Leon Sucrex Ganado in “Resident Evil 4”, it is also the giant vampire lady and her insect-based child in “Vampire Girl”. village. Gaiden also tried his best to promote his mood. Large-scale events are often accompanied by full-screen cutscenes. Each pixelated room is decorated with upturned tables, broken floors and broken mirrors. For the hardware, it is very obvious that even the sound can create a disturbing atmosphere. As you collect key cards and weapons, the ominous music will seamlessly between passive and active tones according to your proximity to the danger Switch, and the sounds made by the zombies are impressive. When they are about to stab one of our two playable heroes from the shadows, clear the sampled moans.

The same care and effort was paid to the combat system. The system reinterpreted the panic fires and threats in the previous title as all new first-person action sequences until the “first-person evil” was considered inventive. And bold directions. series. These real-time battles can even accurately reflect the situation encountered by Barry and Leon-fighting two close-up male zombies while a female zombie is further on the screen. This is exactly what is displayed in the battle. Marvel that Spritework even took time to show any zombies, they slowly turned to face you unknowingly, and then stalemate until their constantly animated corpses almost filled the entire window.

There is also real tactical work behind these top-notch graphics, because distance plays a vital role in the effectiveness of your weapons, and how dangerous these mutant monsters are. The shotgun will not cause too much damage to the enemy behind the room, and the knife you are currently waving to save ammunition will not hit anything at all until the zombie is closed enough to tear off a large piece of meat with your teeth.

Is there any flaw in the biohazard rumors? of course.The rather strange preservation system can neither reflect nail bites “Should I rest assured or should I move on?” The decision can only be found in a limited number of old ribbons, and it is inconvenient for mobile games. Being able to look at (rather than take) ammunition to find undiscovered weapons will make you feel like you are on the receiving end of the programmer’s bad mood. The endless rebirth of enemies often threatens to disrupt the already delicate balance between survival and defeat.

But even so, the power that is usually criticized in the game is rarely proportional to the actual problem of the rumor, and all the advantages there are also the same. Yes Good at discarding cheap jabs in the game, this game not only makes a real creative effort to bring survival horror to hardware that is not suitable for the task, but also releases under hostile conditions completely out of the developer’s control. In fact, some of Gaiden’s clever ideas are impaired by occasional poor execution, which makes it no different from most other existing games.

If Capcom restored it in some way, would you like to try this GBC game? Did you play at that time? Let us know in the comments below!

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