Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Soapbox: Nintendo needs to talk about what’s wrong with Switch OLED

Image: Nintendo Life

Yesterday, we published a review of Switch OLED, the latest hardware iteration of Nintendo’s very popular hybrid gaming platform. Boasting a gorgeous 7-inch OLED panel and a revised dock, it’s an upgrade that improves the original design in many meaningful ways – except for one.

As mentioned in the review, the game card slot has changed on the OLED model. The 2017 design and the small notch present on the Switch Lite (where you could grab the end of the plastic flap that covers the slot with your fingertips) have been removed and instead very much very A thin gap that runs the length of the flap edge.

The key issue here is that opening the flaps is frustratingly difficult unless you have very long nails.This may sound like a real “first world problem”-and don’t get me wrong, it completely But when I first tried to open the slot, I honestly thought the unit was defective.

If there are no game cards in the slot, finger pressure will cause the flaps to bend slightly, making it even more difficult to buy and open. It’s a little easier when the game card is inserted into a slot and you push it rather than the door bends, but it’s still a long way off. many Difficult to open than the original model or Switch Lite.

Why did Nintendo change this design? Perhaps you wanted to prevent accidentally opening a game card slot while in use.Or someone from Nintendo’s hardware design department For real I hate notches. Whatever the reason, that’s virtually all I don’t like about Switch OLEDs. In that regard, I’m happy that the rest of the console is running very well.